Why Nintendo Should Purchase Telltale Games

Telltale Games remains on its last legs following massive layoffs and financial troubles, all but forcing the studio to fold. The remaining staff are expected to call it a day after the completion of Minecraft: Story Mode’s Netflix port.

Recently launched Skybound Games have announced they intend to finish the final chapter of the Walking Dead Series. But fans are unlikely to see any further additions to popular series’ like Wolf Among Us and Batman. Despite positive critical reception and respectable sales figures, Telltale Games have so far been unable to find a new investor.

There is one industry juggernaut who we think would be the perfect fit for a new revitalised Telltale Games. Nintendo appears to have the perfect platform in the Switch for Telltales episodic adventure style gameplay.

The two studios already have an established relationship, in fact, Batman: The Enemy Within only launched on Switch on October 2nd. Coming after Telltale’s foreclosure announcement. So indulge us for a moment and allow us to make a case as to why Nintendo should purchase Telltale games.

Nintendo’s Investment into the Indie Market

Nintendo is playing catch up to Sony in the latest console generation following the disappointment of the Wii U. One of the ways they have tried to bridge the gap is by investing heavily in the indie market.

Focusing on the hardware elements again with the Switch mean it cannot compete with the processing power of the PS4. This has excluded Nintendo from certain AAA titles like the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. So Nintendo responded with ‘Nindies’ where they highlight and promote some of the best independent titles on the market today.

Sort of like Steam but with a much stricter quality control, Nintendo have already built strong relationships with studios like Team 17. What they are lacking from all this though is a stockpile of indie exclusives. By purchasing Telltale they could have just that with one of the most recognisable minor studios producing Switch exclusives.

It could be a significant step for Nintendo to take control of an ever-growing indie market. If Telltale can continue to broach popular series’ like the planned Stranger Things game it could potentially turn new fans onto the Switch.

Nintendo Franchises Telltale Series

Another thing that is lacking in Nintendo’s current repertoire is mature content for a more generic audience. Nintendo prides themselves on being a family friendly company but they could certainly increase sales with more mature content.

They’ve shown with releases like Doom that they’re not afraid to have a few mature titles on the Switch. Telltale’s brand of emotional and heavy hitting narratives would continue to offer some much-needed variety.

There are a number of Nintendo staple franchises that could benefit from Telltale spin-offs. Action and adventure series’ like Fire Emblem and Metroid could make some very intriguing settings for Telltale series’. Even set in the same universe but using new characters as Telltale did with the Walking Dead Series.

The genre could also make a suitable reboot for some of Nintendo’s forgotten franchises to test the water. The often disturbing Mother series could make the perfect setting for a macabre sci-fi tale. The series remains a cult classic despite not seeing a new release since 2006 and features plenty of established lore from the original trilogy.

F-Zero is another flagship franchise left behind that could benefit from the Telltale treatment. It may be primarily a racing game but it was endeared to fans for the soap opera-style narrative within the games.

F-Zero features over 40 quirky characters, each with their own backstory and reason for entering the Grand Prix. Over the years rivalries and various other cross-over stories have developed amongst the racers.

In F-Zero X 14 of the drivers were killed on the track in a fiery blaze so the series is no stranger to dark plotlines. The highly dangerous and competitive nature of the Grand Prix could make for an interesting tale and fans would clamour for it after a 14-year wait.

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