Never Stop Partying Hard

What better way to celebrate anything from as momentous as a graduation, marriage, or birth, all the way to the fact that you made it to another weekend?

Yes, every culture has their own takes on soiree’s, but we can all agree on one thing: nothing is more obnoxious than a neighbourhood party when you’re trying to get some shuteye.

To what lengths would you go to ensure that your night is filled with peaceful and restful sleep? Shutting the blinds? Putting in earplugs? Going over to the premise and embarking on a homicidal murder-spree until you’re the sole survivor?

For those of you that don’t want to spend the rest of your life behind bars, you’re better off playing out such a fantasy in Party Hard, a strategic semi-stealth game developed by tinyBuild games.

Party Hard has a premise that is almost too ridiculous to pass up. But behind its self-aware visage and sometimes god-awful voice acting is a game that brushes shoulders with Hotline Miami while still managing to apart on its own.

While there are a variety of “heroes” to choose from, the majority only have one primary method of executing their targeted victims: a stealth shank from a knife.

Where Party Hard’s challenge lies in using the wide variety of traps that are littered around the levels to dispose of large swathes of partygoers at once. If you think such a task would be easy, think again.

There is no recourse should any of the attendees witness you dispensing your own brand of morally-questionable justice – once you’ve been sighted doing the dark deed, the cops will zero in on you and you’re off to the slammer in no time.

This harsh punishment curve acts as an intuitive teaching mechanism to help the player understand that victory will not come as a result of twitch-based actions, but rather through meticulous planning, misdirection, and utilization of the attendees fear to their advantage.

If you think you’re just going to roll up with some blades and go on a slasher spree, you’ve got another thing coming.

Although Party Hard is undoubtedly an indie game, there is some real meat on the bones here.

Once you’ve cleared the levels the first time around, you’ve got the option to give the challenge another go and farm those points even higher. If you ever somehow run out of levels, just head over to the integrated steam workshop section and pile on some of the most difficult levels that community players have put together just for you.

While Party Hard never reaches the level of meta-narrative that Hotline Miami does, it does poke some interesting questions into the motivations of both you and the game’s protagonist.

Is all you need to justify the wholesale slaughter of innocents several hours of sleep deprivation?

Probably best not to think about it.

Happy hunting!

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