New DLC Could Be The Best Reason Yet to Pick Up Kirby Star Allies

Christmas came early for Kirby fans as HAL Laboratory added the Wave Three update to Star Allies at the end of November. Since the game’s release, nine more playable characters have been added as free DLC.

Rick, Coo & Kine from Dreamland 2, Gooey from Dreamland 3 and Marx from Superstar were Wave 1. Adeiele & Ribbon from Crystal Shards, Dark Meta Knight from Amazing Mirror and Daroach from Squeak Squad were Wave 2. Leaving Magolor from Return to Dreamland, Taranza from Triple Deluxe and Susie from Planet Robobot as the final wave.

The final wave came some way apart from the previous two for reasons that became clear prior to its launch last month. The final update also included a new campaign, Heroes In Another Dimension that served as an epilogue to Star Allies’ story.

The announcement was a late surprise and completed some excellent fan service that we’d like to see from more of our favourite franchises. Beware spoilers ahead as we uncover why the latest DLC offers another great reason to pick up Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby Star Allies Hidden Secrets

Upon infiltrating the Jambastion and defeating Hyness, Kirby discovers the plan to summon ancient deity Void Termina. Kirby must travel to the void to do battle with the final boss as the climax to the main story.

Once the game is beaten an additional mode is unlocked that allows players to complete an abridged version of the campaign with one of Kirby’s former foes. Completing this mode unlocks a secret final boss in Galacta Knight who appears out of the void.

A returning character that ties into the overall timeline of the series. Galacta Knight then merges with a butterfly to form new character Morpho Knight. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that same butterfly innocuously appears in cutscenes for several prior Kirby games. Tying into the expanded universe by suggesting Morpho Knight has been watching Kirby for years.

The first six DLC characters added another secret ending to the abridged story mode where Void Termina returns. This time upon beating the boss he presents a sixth and final form Void Soul. This new final boss bears a striking resemblance to Dark Matter a primary antagonist in the second, third and fourth Kirby games.

Heroes In Another Dimension

The final wave update included the new mode Heroes In Another Dimension in which Kirby and co. must jump back into the void. Featuring another five full levels that incorporate each of the DLC characters.

Each section must be navigated by a certain character dictated by specific puzzles and challenges. Players have to learn to master the variety of move sets and fighting styles to unlock all the bonus features.

The level design wasn’t necessarily as up to code as the rest of the game but as a free add-on, it’s forgivable. There were sections, in particular, the optional puzzles that provided an extra level of challenge for players though.

The end of each level also featured one of the bosses from the main campaign but with an increased difficulty setting. In addition to dealing more damage, bosses were quicker and possessed more life than their previous incarnations. The final fight with the Mage Sisters was particularly chaotic and fast-paced adding a stiff challenge for even seasoned players.

Perhaps the best fanservice of all though comes in an additional completion bonus. If players beat all campaigns and challenge modes they can unlock the original design for Kirby as a bonus skin.

The Verdict

The Kirby series is, by nature, not everybody’s cup of tea and if that’s the case Star Allies won’t be enough to sway your thinking. HAL Laboratory has done an excellent job supporting their latest release though. They have created a post-launch schedule we hope other developers will learn from.

With the current price of AAA games, it’s a wonder fans aren’t privy to more free DLC. But it’s not just the price that’s right for fans. The pacing and the content are exactly what anyone would want of their favourite series. An additional level of challenge in a familiar format sprinkled with some fanservice.

If you own a Switch, Kirby Star Allies would make an excellent addition to your game catalogue. The fan theories place Star Allies as somewhere near the beginning of the expanded timeline. So it’s the ideal starter entry to pick up the series too.  

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