The 4 Best Winter Holiday Events

It’s that time of the year again: the Yule season. The time when we all gather ‘round our hearths, boot up the latest and greatest in this year’s winter events and take them around for a spin. But what about those games that are always just so good to go back to? The games that can keep you engaged month after month with seasonal events aplomb.

Well, let’s just say that we’ve been neglecting friends and family in favor of these gems.

Guild Wars 2

Ah, Wintersday. Whatever would we do without you? Each year during the season, the massive Wintersday airship comes to Tyria with a plethora of activities for all of the good little girls and boys to enjoy. While the sight of the airship is impressive enough on its own, it’s the interior that is truly a wonder for the senses and a joy to behold.

A credit to the incredible art department at ArenaNet, the innards of the airship sparkle and glow with radiance as miniature reconstructions of various Tyrian settlements litter the area. Of course, a celebration would be nothing within the multifarious world which it celebrates. And boy does Guild Wars 2 have you covered. When you’re done traipsing around the airship, take to one of the massive regions to explore what wonderful holiday secrets lie in store.

World of Warcraft

Did you really think we’d finish this list out without mentioning this classic? While many of you reading this may have done the Feast of Winter’s Veil activities for more than a decade, gathering around Greatfather Winter’s tree to pick up your ticking and moving presents while eating fruitcake and drinking eggnog with friends is a digital experience, we’ll never grow old of. Oh, and of course you’ll be able to smash the Greench’s face in once again.

Killing Floor 2

While the core game remains unchanged, each year brings about the invasion of Christmas-skinned monstrosities that are just waiting to kick down your door. Perhaps more so than any other game in this list, KF2 manages to make its Christmas critters look like they belong in the twisted world gone to hell. Along the dastardly new skins comes a plethora of challenges that unlock festive combat weapon skins and character outfits. Truly, if you’re in the mood for some Christmastime slaying, Horzine labs has you covered.

Destiny 2: The Dawning

Now, the Dawning has been around for a while considering its inclusion in the first Destiny, but our hat goes off to Bungie’s visualization of Destiny 2’s Dawing. If you have never seen the Tower decked out in its wonderful holiday splendour, you’re certainly missing quite the fantastic treat. In addition to lovely lanterns, floating snowballs, and the usual Tower ambience, the Dawning brings the opportunity to bake all of your favorite Guardian Paragons their select choice of holiday treats.

The reagents, of course, only come from happily slaughtering your way across the cosmos as you have been doing. Something tells us that if you’re already playing Destiny, you won’t have much of a problem with that.

While holiday festivities typically boil down to a slight change of skins and environmental decore, there’s a lot to be said for worlds that go above and beyond in giving players cause to venture back out across paths well-tread. After all, what else is the Yule season good for if not for reflecting upon where one has been?

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