How Fortnite Dominates Through Aggressive Updates

After the arrival of Respawn’s Apex Legends, the Battle-Royale Market has finally seen some well-needed competition.

But is it enough to dethrone the one and only Fortnite?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Apex Legends just as much as the next BR-addicted gamer – hell, most of last month’s productivity went straight to it. But Respawn’s new challenger is going to have quite a lot of work to do if it’s planning on scaling the mountain and dethroning the king.

The reason for this, perhaps more so than any other, is just how quickly Epic Games moves to update Fornite. It’s easy to forget, but Fornite only received its Battle Royale mode after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stunned the world with its astronomical overnight popularity.

Epic was quick to identify the hottest new trend and then proceeded to not only emerge as a competitor to PUBG but to downright slaughter it.

Although Epic’s insane update cadence was initially limited to gameplay balancing and quality-of-life improvements, the seasoned developer quickly proved that it wasn’t out to play second fiddle to anyone.

During its lifespan, Fortnite has catalyzed a flash in the pan to an inferno in the kitchen – and with the arrival of Season 8, Epic isn’t done turning up the heat.

Pirates, treasure, a volcano, and an inter-faction war that seemingly sees the Ice King fighting back the coming inferno in an attempt to hold onto his claim of the island.

Say it ain’t so, but Epic has proved that their method of piecemeal narrative injections has been working for them. Never giving the players too much upfront, Fortnite has become a world with an ever-evolving narrative in a genre that has classically been devoid of it.

Although it’s still far too early to tell how Season 8 of Fortnite will shake down, this season marks the first time in quite some time that Epic’s golden game will face stiff competition.

Given the level of polish that the most recent addition to the BR genre has shown off, Apex would do well to steal as much as it can from Fortnite as possible. Because Fortnite has already knicked a critical feature from the newcomer.

No, we’re not hyperbolizing. We forgive you if you’ve missed it, but Apex has been out for a while and Fornite has already implemented a ping system just like Apex has.

On one hand, it was only a matter of time until other BR games took the idea – hell, even Respawn said that the ping system was their major contribution to the genre – but we really weren’t expecting Epic to move that fast on it.

Then again, there’s a reason they’re at the top.

Many may claim that the “golden age” of the battle-royale genre has already come and gone with the first time PUBG and Fortnite dropped. We politely disagree. With the influx of serious competition, the genre is poised to see some of the most innovative systems design yet.

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