Microsoft is Bringing Halo to PC – And It’s About Time

At this point, this isn’t news anymore – but by God are we still reeling from the announcement that Microsoft is finally bringing Halo to PC.

While this is certainly not the first time that a Halo game has found its way onto the PC platform, it does mark the first time in the history of the company that they’ve elected to bring the entirety of the franchise to PC Gaming Master Race.

Initially released in 2014 solely for Microsoft’s Xbox console family, the Master Chief Collection on PC will feature every game in the franchise up to Halo 4 – including Halo Reach.

Although not all the titles will be available at launch, they will be uploaded to the collection via a staggered release date to afford Microsoft the capability to ensure that all bugs are squashed, and server health is maintained at a constant priority.

The reaction thus far has been, predictably, highly positive. Fans have been clamouring for years that Microsoft should port Halo to PC – and with the company’s move toward UWP (Unified Windows Platform), the time seemed better than ever.

Thankfully, Microsoft came to their senses and smelled the astronomically large amounts of cash just waiting for them in the PC market and decided to move forward with it.

Although there is currently no firm release date for the collection, Microsoft has slated 2019 as the year that the first portion of the collection will drop on PC markets like Steam across the globe.

Frankly, while we are simply salivating at the idea of having all of the Halo games (sans Halo 5, but we’re quite alright with that) accessible at once, we’ve waited so damn long for this to happen that a little more waiting isn’t going to kill us.

Halo on consoles has withstood the challenge of time and proven that the franchise is not only a classic, but has enduring appeal to gamers even today. And while the combat was always fun and fulfilling, we can’t wait to see what dialling up the speed and precision with a keyboard-and-mouse setup will do to the competitive play online.

And that’s all without even considering the era of esports we live in today. Expect to see Microsoft heave a considerable amount of resources behind their newest pet project and for Spartans of all nationalities to descend upon world stages to duke it out for prize money galore.

But, as this is a PC-centric release, we need to zero in on what it’s truly going to set this release apart from any other to date: mod support – the sweet, sweet mod support.

With things like the Forge, Halo has gone out of its way to support custom matches and game modes for years now – but our mod-sense is telling us that Microsoft is cooking up a new level editor to fork over to players when the release date comes.

Can you tell that we’re excited? Because good lord; we’re excited.

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