After the Success of Apex Legends – What Will Titanfall 3 Look Like?

We’re all upset that Titanfall 2 came out when it did.

It could have seen a lot more adoption and play if they hadn’t bungled the way things did. But that’s all in the past – and hell, even Apex has helped in its own way. But the real question is, what exactly could Titanfall 3 look like?

It should go without saying that what is to follow is going to predominantly be speculation. As such, nothing substantial has been leaked regarding the third instalment in the Titanfall franchise, but we don’t need leaks when we’ve got our imagination.

So far, the first instalment of Titanfall gave us what was a glorified tech-demo/proof-of-concept piece that released with a multiplayer-only mode that told its very light narrative through in-game character dialogue. All of this, however, was accompanied with some of the tightest boots-on-the-ground (and wall) gameplay married with one hell of a mech-simulator.

The sequel – Titanfall 2 – took the light narrative of the first and blew it out into a fully-featured campaign.

While some of the arguments levied against the campaign for its short duration may hold some weight in terms of total hours, it doesn’t really hold up when one looks at the sheer quality of the experiences that the campaign offers up.

Have you ever been vaulted from the side of a cliff, several thousand feet through the air so that you can land on top of an enemy airship and run along its roof, gunning down enemies as you sabotage its weapon systems?

Didn’t think so. That’s before even mentioning all the hidden Easter eggs and collectables.

The multiplayer was a beast of its own. The variance of game modes with a rewarding and fair level-up + prestige system married to the improved gameplay systems of the first set up Titanfall 2 to be a hit.

…and then EA bungled the launch, and the stellar shooter was forced to languish in the shadow of more prominent AAA titles.

But now, Apex Legends has taken the world by storm and brought the attention of the Titanfall universe more toward to the collective conscious.

It may just be a bloodbath arena-type fight-to-the-last, but exposure to the universe is still exposure to the universe.

If anything, Apex is the primer that’s going to set the kindling for when Titanfall 3 drops in.

A built-in-battle royale? A drop-in/drop-out variant of a campaign that takes the creativity of the second and amps it up to 11? Vehicles of all types married with large-scale Titan v. Titan combat?

Why the hell not?

And why the hell not all of it. With their decision to release Apex Legends, Respawn has proven that they’re incredibly comfortable thinking outside of the box.

Anything is fair game the next time around and EA would have to be…well, EA, to neglect the renewed interest in the franchise.

Hell, if they can throw us another Battlefield next year they can afford to share the space with another shooter.

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