The Best Kombat Yet?

Mortal Kombat has been many things over the years.

From gratuitous cartoonish violence to incredibly life-life depictions of horrendous fighting injuries, MK has always earned itself the place of the most brutal fighting video game out on the market.

With Mortal Kombat 11 however, NetherRealm Studios has hit a stride unlike any before.

It seems almost farcical to appreciate the changes made to MK 11’s narrative elements – that the tricks NR have learned over the years have come together to produce one of the most weighty, impactful, and genuinely entertaining Mortal Kombat games to ever land on platforms.

This time around, time itself is being toyed with at the behest of series newcomer Krokina.

Although typically a worn-out trope, there’s enough sheer glee brought to the experience seeing past and future selves of beloved series staples that it’s enough to look over any glaring plot holes.

The campaign runs through the entire gamut of MK favorite locations, varying from elaborate battle halls and austere monasteries to blood-soaked shores and disgustingly slimy insect lairs, there are more beautifully rendered varied backgrounds than you can shake a dismembered hand at.

And yet, the most beautiful part of Mortal Kombat 11 remains its titular “Kombat”.

Quite frankly, given the amount of time NetherRealm has had to perfect their formula, we’d be worried if the outcome was anything but what we’ve received – thankfully, we don’t have to go down that road.

Every punch, kick, grab, special move, and kombo has been crafted with love and refined to its utmost precision. And this time, the effort has been extended toward the tutorial as well.

We’re not hyperbolizing when we say that the “Learn” portion of the menu in MK 11 is arguably one of the best that we’ve ever experienced in a fighting game.

Starting off with the simplest of techniques, the tutorial quickly elevates the participant’s understanding from the simplistic to the highly complex. This time around, the tutorial features the likes of frame data, animation cancelling, and the most effective use of the new split offensive and defensive meters.

But learning isn’t just tied to one off tutorials – each character has their own tutorial built for novices looking to pick their favourites, or for seasoned veterans looking to expand their prowess into other forays of combat.

Now, we would be highly remiss to talk about MK 11 without addressing the current controversy surrounding the game: the microtransactions. There have been multiple stories floating around the internet about how the sum of the skins available in the game runs upwards of $6000.00 USD. Now, there is some truth to this, but – as per usual – the media has blown the truth far out of proportion.

Yes, it is true that if one were to buy Time Krystals with their real-world funds for each of the skins available across the games already large character roster, the total for purchases would reach astronomical heights.

But, we cannot support such a statement without clarifying that good lord people you’re not meant to buy the damn things outright.

Time Krystals can be viewed as – as the name implies – a way to shorten the time to obtain the skin that you’re currently gunning for. To say that we should be readily available to obtain EVERY cosmetic in the game from day one isn’t just facetious – it’s downright moronic.

The only grind that games like MK 11 have IS the cosmetic and equipment grind.

When the game solely consists of fighting opponents on a linear line, “grind” IS the name of the game.

As for the complaints that the acquisition of Time Krystals is far too low, NetherRealm have already responded by informing the community than a tweak regarding their drop-rate is incoming.

But please, folks. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Did you pick up MK 11 so you could farm out the shiniest and cutest outfit for your avatar to wear on the character select-screen?

Or did you pick it up to hone your fighting skills and rise to the top of the pile of corpses you leave in your wake?


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