Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

Last month, HAL Laboratory penned an open letter putting an end to the post-game content of Kirby Star Allies. The game has received numerous free updates since its launch over a year ago. Adding new levels, challenges and playable characters.

Assuming those added characters are canon, the game marked the return of several major antagonists. Unlike most Nintendo mascots, Kirby tends to put his main foes down for good.

Meaning there aren’t many returning principal antagonists due to the fact, they were canonically destroyed by our hero. Fan theories have speculated certain figures survived their encounters with Kirby though and Star Allies confirmed some of these.

Marx, Magalor and Dark Meta Knight show up in the game and we think there’s significant foreshadowing in that. Not just to the next instalment but to the untold origin of Marx.  

Marx in Kirby Superstar and Superstar Ultra

Marx first appeared as the final boss in Kirby Superstar, arguably the definitive game in the series. During the encounter, he enlists Kirby’s help under the pretence of preventing the sun and the moon from fighting.

Kirby must gather relics from neighbouring planets, which are protected by each planets champion. Once all the pieces are gathered Kirby can summon Galactic Nova. A sentient comet that has the ability to grant wishes.

At the last minute, Marx usurps the one wish to make himself more powerful and allow him to take over Planet Popstar. A battle ensues where Kirby eventually launches Marx into Galactic Nova, seemingly destroying both of them.

Fan theories speculated the powered up Marx survived the explosion but he wasn’t seen again until the remake. In the True Arena segment of Kirby Superstar Ultra, we see confirmation that Marx did indeed survive. By absorbing the dark energy released from Galactic Nova.

As this was a bonus mode in the remake though, questions of its authenticity in the main canon remained. Until Marx once again re-emerged in Star Allies with reference to his previous encounter.

Larger Significance to the Kirby Canon

Kirby Superstar was released back in 1996. That means Marx has been alive in secret for another 11 mainline Kirby adventures. And some of those adventures could have been foreshadowing to Marx’s origins and existence.

Another villain who was confirmed still alive in the reformed Magolor. In Return to Dreamland, final boss Magolor strongly hints at the fact that he knows Marx. In fact, he seems to suggest they are from the same dimension. An alternate dimension to Kirby’s.

Magolor also adopts a very similar plan to Marx, tricking Kirby into helping him achieve ultimate power. Like Marx, Magolor is also shown to have a ‘soul’ form, something that will become a staple of final antagonists later in the series.

Suggesting Magolor shares a very close relationship with Marx and was maybe even trained by him. Marx also has a potential link to another final boss with a ‘soul’ form in Queen Sectonia.

When Queen Sectonia acquires the Dimension Mirror that serves as a gateway to the Mirror World she is deformed by the darkness that resides within. Triggering the events of the game.

Marx Kirby Star Allies


Said Darkness was assumed to be Dark Matter but could also be traced back to Marx. Because, the Mirror World is in fact, the dimension Magolor was referring to. The homeworld of him and Marx.

Marx and the Mirror World

In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Kirby travels inside the realm to rescue Meta Knight. Once inside he learns that opposite versions of all the characters from Kirby’s universe exist.

An evil Meta Knight, a stone Whispy Woods, etc. The exception to the rule is his own evil doppelganger Shadow Kirby. It’s been attributed to Kirby being the only incorruptible good in all realities but there may be a simpler explanation.

Shadow Kirby is not Kirby’s Mirror World doppelganger, Marx is. He shares the small pink body shape and a familiar hat. Marx’s hat is an inverted version of the one Kirby wears when he wields the Mirror ability.

Marx Kirby


An ability that debuted in the same game as the villain and inverted like everything else in the Mirror World. His trademark attack even sees the character split into two, which is an ability granted by Mirror. An ability that Marx copied.

Unlike Kirby though, he has been unable to copy further abilities at will, which was his reason for venturing outside the Mirror World. As a further clincher, Marx’s rampage in Kirby Superstar has been attributed to him being hungry.

Another parallel he shares with Kirby who has also gone to great lengths for food on several occasions.

The Endgame

Following Star Allies, Marx also appeared as one of the bosses in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Another series developed by HAL Laboratory. Again alluding to the fact that Marx has a significant role to play in the next Kirby game.

According to the True Arena, Marx gained even more untold power after absorbing Galactic Nova. He has since used that power to corrupt both Magolor and Queen Sectonia. Testing Kirby, with stronger foes as he daren’t engage in another duel after being nearly killed last time.

Marx Super Smash Bros.

Using his home realm of the Mirror World as a base to move in and out of Kirby’s universe at will. Presumably by arriving in Star Allies, he’s ready to show his hand and once again serve as a final boss.

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