How Super Mario Maker 2 Improves on the Formula

Nintendo dropped a surprise AAA release on fans this summer in Super Mario Maker 2. The announcement came from nowhere just a few months prior. Its predecessor was very well received but didn’t excel in sales. 

A large part of the reasoning behind the games failed boom was the poor sales of it’s doomed console the Wii U. The Wii U was Nintendo’s worst-selling console of all time with less than 14 million units sold. 

Several highly-praised titles from the console have been ported to Switch to give them a second chance at life. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii U are amongst the major names to make the jump.

So many would have forgiven Nintendo for taking a similar approach with Mario Maker 2. Instead, Nintendo have improved on the initial formula, adding several features to make a more complete game.  

Additional Infinite Possibilities

Amongst many things, Mario Maker was praised for its endless creation options. The creation tool was so in-depth that there were literally more level varieties than it was ever possible to create

Nintendo has upped the game one step further with Mario Maker 2, introducing a number of new options. From thematic changes like the new Mario 3D World level style to new level types like Sky and Forest.

Super Mario Maker 2

There’s now even more in world objects as well like new enemies variations, power-ups and even vehicles. They’ve also added a day and night feature that fundamentally changes the way levels play for even deeper variety. 

But the biggest success of the level creator is presenting the endless options in an accessible way. With the new addition of tutorials, it’s easier than ever for players to design their ideal level. 

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode 

Part of the appeal of the Mario Maker series is to play far-out levels that couldn’t exist within the Mario canon. But that can also become tedious with far too many levels built around endless gimmicks or stacked difficulty. 

For many, the opportunity to create the ultimate challenge of precise timing and hidden traps is the objective. One that very few people will ever pass and therefore raising their ability above others. 

Which is fine but it can make it hard to find levels to just play. If you don’t want to be chased by an endless wave of giant flying Bowsers. For this Nintendo have added a story mode. 100 levels designed personally by the Super Mario team. 

Still showcasing the unique departure from the traditional games in levels but with a fair difficulty curve. A challenge for seasoned veterans but still accessible to a more casual gamer.  

An average modern 2D Mario game consists of around 80 levels, so Mario Maker 2 also fulfils the need for a professional Mario experience. For those of us who played New Super Mario Bros Wii U the first time around. 

Super Mario Maker 2

We’ve been waiting for a new 2D Mario platformer for seven years now. Mario Maker 2 at least goes some way to tide fans over until a Switch exclusive is announced. 

Online Multiplayer

Mario Maker was designed with online functionality in mind both sharing and downloading courses. One feature that was missing from the original was an option to play online with others, however. 

Online multiplayer is not a mode closely associated with the Super Mario series. But in 2019 many players expect to play with their friends online. Especially with newer Mario platformers that added local multiplayer. 

And whilst you still can’t play with your friends as easily as you might expect, you can play through local wireless. Mario Maker 2 does add one new online multiplayer feature though in a competitive mode. 

Super Mario Maker 2

Four players are randomly assigned a character and must race to the end of a randomly selected level. Some levels can even be designed with this playstyle in mind and tagged as online multiplayer stages. 

Foot races through Mario levels are incredibly fun and we hope it’ll be a feature that makes a return in future Mario titles. 

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