Will VR Ever Take Off?

Tis the season where tech manufacturers are doing their damnedest to convince us that we NEED their product. This year, like many before, the toughest tech to sell is looking to be VR. VR – or Virtual Reality – has captivated the imaginations of science-fiction fans for countless years on end. The idea of donning goggles, gloves, and a haptic feedback suit is understandably captivating. Anything that can add to our sense of immersion within a virtual world is enough to for us to work fervently on to make into a reality. The only problem is, that reality isn’t here […]

Modern Malaise: Tone Deaf Developers

Money. Greed. Lootboxes. If we kept going, we might break all seven seals. And yet, some game developers seem positively hell-bent on unleashing absolute havoc on the industry. Greed is, undoubtedly, one of the most insidious of human faculties. When we have enough, we simply want more. And then, once we’ve placed our grubby mitts on it, we find that even that wasn’t enough. It’s an oversimplification, sure, but it’s incredibly indicative of the state of the biggest players in the industry at the time being. Looking back over the last couple of years, the biggest stories that came out […]

The 4 Best Winter Holiday Events

It’s that time of the year again: the Yule season. The time when we all gather ‘round our hearths, boot up the latest and greatest in this year’s winter events and take them around for a spin. But what about those games that are always just so good to go back to? The games that can keep you engaged month after month with seasonal events aplomb. Well, let’s just say that we’ve been neglecting friends and family in favor of these gems. Guild Wars 2 Ah, Wintersday. Whatever would we do without you? Each year during the season, the massive […]

The Best Video Game Soundtracks – Ever

An often overlooked aspect of some of the genre-defining games in history is the soundtrack. Nothing builds immersion quite like it. So let’s take a look back and resurrect some of the best original soundtracks to ever grace our headsets. Half-Life 2 Did you really think that you were going to get more than a paragraph into this list without it? If you’re staring at the screen without the ability to recall any of the iconic tracks that graced locales such as Nova Prospekt and Ravenholm, do us all a favour and drop what you’re doing to listen to them right […]

Running Through RUINER

Your brother has been kidnapped. Find those who are responsible and erase them, RUINER. That’s the premise of the shoot-em-up / smash-em-up set in a gritty Neo-Tokyo amine-inspired cult vibe. Playing as a nameless anti-hero with an LED mask that functions as the only way to clue in on what he’s thinking and feeling, RUINER takes you through some of the most brilliant and hyper-violent levels that have graced the gaming realm quite some time. On the surface, RUINER offers much in the way of aesthetic service to the player – but it’s only once you’ve undergone the compulsory introductory […]

The Grim Future of HoTS

Blizzard’s MOBA variant, Heroes of the Storm has likely heard its death knell in the not-too-far-off future. While Blizzard hasn’t officially shut the game down just yet, the future of the once-hyped MOBA is looking quite dim. Just this week, Blizzard issued a statement announcing that both the Heroes Global Championships and Heroes of the Dorm will not be renewed for a 2019 season. Now, if this seems a little too close to the wire for you, you’re probably right. To say that Blizzard was cavalier in the way that they went about notifying the playerbase would be almost as […]

A Blast from the Past – Exploring the Revival of Old School RuneScape

When we think of the most popular games of 2018, the ones that dominate our thoughts are typically those that sport the largest amount of graphical fidelity, or the biggest esports following. And yet, there is a “newcomer” that is quietly growing its player population: RuneScape. Initially released in 2001, RuneScape became the quintessential game for MMO newcomers to get their feet wet. Its low graphical fidelity married with deep content and progression systems were the perfect combination for a fledgeling generation of gamers to interact in what was one of the earliest 3D online worlds. Over the years, the […]

EVE Online – Is the Intergalactic Sandbox on Its Last Legs?

From a niche title that catered to the most hardcore of players, to an ageing MMO that has done its best to lower the formerly ridiculous bar of entry in a bid to get new players in, EVE has seen just about every iteration possible: but has the road run out? Earlier this year, Icelandic developer CCP announced that it was going to be acquired by Pearl Abyss – the South Korean studio behind games like Black Desert. The news wasn’t greeted with the warmest of welcomes. You see, there has been a long-standing debate within the EVE community that […]

Virtual Fashion – Self-Expression in a Digital Realm

From the humble toga in days of old to the extravagant fabrics paraded down catwalks today – fashion is everything The clothes make the man, so the saying goes. And so, we thought we’d take a break from the norm of reviewing the most recent games or industry debacles and take a slightly more ‘cultured’ insight into the role that fashion plays in modern digital games. When we look at any modern game, it doesn’t take long to see the extensive work put into character customization. Whether it be a human avatar, a vehicle, or any other form of in-game […]

What’s Left For Assassin’s Creed?

Over a decade of parallel storylines, a plethora or historical settings, and more protagonists than you can shake a stick at. The Assassin’s Creed franchise has it all. And yet, we can’t help but feel that Ubisoft’s massive franchise is fated to retread past ground. Before the restructured framework of Origins took place, the franchise was in a bit of a rut. The player base was suffering from annual release fatigue, the storyline became more or less the exact same thing through every installation, with only the locales and characters changing. By the time Syndicate released, players felt as if […]