Does Story in an MMO Even Matter?

Why would any healthy, functioning individual invest hundreds of hours of their lives into an MMO? More to the point, what exactly are the elements of an MMO that make them such insidious time sinks that people endlessly flock back to – it can’t just be as simple as a palatable Skinner box, can it? For quite some time, there has been the circulation of a false premise that claims that the majority of MMO players gravitate toward their respective games because of their story. While it may be true that some of the most successful MMOs are set in […]

The Guilty Pleasures of Earth Defense Force

“To defend our Mother Earth from any alien attack!” Hallowed words such as these can only be found in one game on our beloved sphere: Earth Defense Force. To say that Earth Defense Force has earned itself a cult status would be a gross disservice to the fans who’ve elected to keep it in the forefront of their hearts and minds even as more polished and put-together games storm the shelves quarter after quarter. The premise, for those of you that have yet to be grace by the sheer divinity held be EDF yet, is that GIANT INSECTS have invaded […]

The New Division 2 Raid – And Other Problems

Everyone listen up! The Division 2 has a raid coming! At least that’s what Ubisoft tells us. There’s no reason we shouldn’t listen to them, right? Look, folks, we’re about to get real with you. We like The Division 2. We really, really do. But we’ve been burned so bad before with Ubisoft’s mismanaging of its predecessor that we can’t help but feel nervous at the slightest indication that something might be going awry. Thus far, The Division 2 has offered us more compelling combat, better loot progression, and an even more detailed world than the first foray into this […]

Ubisoft, Notre Dame, and Historical Preservation – Why We Need More Of It

If someone told you years ago that Ubisoft’s recreation of the famed Notre Dame cathedral within Assassin’s Creed Unity would be used to assist in the repairs of the actual cathedral following a fire – would you have believed it? It’s no trade secret that Ubisoft has been making absolute bank on their realistic re-creations and depictions of a slew of historical locales, characters and events with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Taking players everywhere from the Crusades to the French Revolution, Ubisoft has gone to extraordinary lengths to present faithful re-creations of various historical settings – often resulting in some […]

Blizzard Has Butchered Battle for Azeroth

More than half a year into Battle for Azeroth, and we must call things for what they are: dead in the water. Sometimes, no matter how much we adore playing a game, we must be dreadfully honest regarding its faults.  And let us be frank: World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is beginning to feel like a work that is suffering the weight of some incredibly poor design decisions. To say that there isn’t anything of value being offered by Battle for Azeroth would be grossly untrue and unnecessarily inflammatory. The expansion certainly has its fair share of worthwhile attractions – […]

After the Success of Apex Legends – What Will Titanfall 3 Look Like?

We’re all upset that Titanfall 2 came out when it did. It could have seen a lot more adoption and play if they hadn’t bungled the way things did. But that’s all in the past – and hell, even Apex has helped in its own way. But the real question is, what exactly could Titanfall 3 look like? It should go without saying that what is to follow is going to predominantly be speculation. As such, nothing substantial has been leaked regarding the third instalment in the Titanfall franchise, but we don’t need leaks when we’ve got our imagination. So […]

Death Stranding – What’s Coming Our Way?

There has been a long-standing meme floating about the intricate series of tubes we know was the internet that Hideo Kojima has been living his life as a film director in a video game designer’s career. Yes, yes, we all know that those Metal Gear games are classics worthy of their place in gaming history, but the more that we see from his upcoming project – Death Stranding – the more we worry that this might be the one that takes us far off the deep end. Let’s get one thing clear right out of the gate: Death Stranding looks absolutely […]

Is the Sun Finally Setting on the 3DS?

After nearly a decade-long run, the Nintendo 3DS might finally be seeing itself relocated to the retro shelf. With no new projects announced for 2019, all but the most faithful supporters are seeing this as the beginning of the end for the famed handheld platform. But is this an end or merely the start of something new? Nintendo has long had a history of shipping and supporting portable consoles – more so than any other hardware and software developer on the market. While others have made attempts to enter the handheld arena, they have only dreamt of achieving the sort […]

The Division 2 – What a Sequel Should Be

Ever since Ubisoft announced The Division 2, we were highly skeptical. When the first of the franchise was released, initial impressions were over the moon. Then, came the endgame. Or rather, the complete and utter lack of it. Although the Division series bears some of the hallmarks of the traditional Ubisoft gamut, they deviate far from the rest of their titles in that they’re the closest that the international publisher has to an MMO. As such, the initial “campaign” through the 30-or-so levels serves just as levelling in any other MMO does: as a primer for the endgame. The endgame is […]

Praise Be the Resurgence of Couch Co-Op

For all of the new multiplayer technology that has been fielded over the last several years, a surprising multiplayer component has come back with a vengeance. We are, of course, talking about none other than co-op. Co-operative play has been a long-standing pillar in the video game world, but we’re hard-pressed to think of another in recent gaming memory when co-op games were as popular as they are now. But how can something that is decidedly more low-tech than the most powerful server networks be standing toe-to-toe with some of the most popular online multiplayer games? The answer is simple: […]