How Changes to YouTube Brand Safety Led to the Rise of 90’s Nostalgia

90s’ mascots have seen a resurgence in the last few years. Seemingly dead series’ like Crash Bandicoot have found themselves back amongst the top sellers. Now you may think enough time has passed for nostalgia to set in hence the influx of titles.  And whilst it’s true people cling to throwbacks to their childhood, there may be something else at play here. Namely marketing. Like many aspects of gaming, marketing has changed significantly with the emergence of the internet.  Pop culture juggernaut YouTube has emerged as a key cornerstone to video game marketing. To the point where YouTube can practically single-handedly launch […]

MediEvil: Sir Daniel Fortesque Should Have Stayed Buried in the 90s’

PlayStation has been on a bit of a push these past two years to revitalise some of their early titles. It appears Sony feel enough time has passed for nostalgia to set in and it’s brought forth a flood of 90s’ classics. Another PlayStation mascot it ready to take the stage this Autumn in MediEvil. The hack and slash adventure game has an upcoming remake scheduled for October this year. From Sony’s own publishing brand, Sony Entertainment Interactive. Titles like the Crash N’Sane trilogy have been a huge success for PlayStation. But the more maligned PlayStation Classic, well, not so […]

Final Fight? Streets of Rage 4 Could Revive the Beat ‘Em Up Genre

As technology in gaming advances, some traits and genres become outdated and cliche. One such genre that certainly saw better days in the 90’s is the side-scrolling beat ‘em ups. But has such time past for nostalgia to set in and could we be about to see a revival for the genre?   Side-scrolling beat ‘em ups consist of the player characters constantly walking to the right of the screen and fighting waves of enemies. Punches, kicks and the occasional weapon are the only tools at your disposal to lay waste to your enemies. With paper-thin plots consisting of kidnapped […]