The Division 2 – What a Sequel Should Be

Ever since Ubisoft announced The Division 2, we were highly skeptical. When the first of the franchise was released, initial impressions were over the moon. Then, came the endgame. Or rather, the complete and utter lack of it. Although the Division series bears some of the hallmarks of the traditional Ubisoft gamut, they deviate far from the rest of their titles in that they’re the closest that the international publisher has to an MMO. As such, the initial “campaign” through the 30-or-so levels serves just as levelling in any other MMO does: as a primer for the endgame. The endgame is […]

FFXIV: What Will Shadowbringers Bring?

Well, here we are. Before you know it, we’ve got a new expansion to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It seems only like yesterday that Stormblood released and we were storming Eorzea’s Eastern continent. And now, we stand victorious and looking up toward the northern border of the Garlean Empire, wondering what will come next. It’s no secret that Square has been teasing a big shake-up to the established world of FFXIV. With our characters donning the title of “Warrior of Light” ever since 1.0, the upcoming Shadowbringers will look to shake things up and force our once-benevolent player characters to […]

Destiny 2: Is the New Content Structure a Boon or a Detriment?

With now several months behind the Forsaken expansion, Destiny 2 is still happily chugging along. While it’s highly unlikely that Bungie managed to recuperate from the losses it haemorrhaged following the game’s release, it does seem like they’ve finally embraced the formula of what makes Destiny worth playing: the grind. Let’s be honest here folks, if you’re playing Destiny 2, you’re playing for one thing and one thing only: the grind. We get it, the lore is interesting, the world-building can be very fun, but we’re sure as hell not all in here for the narrative. We’re here to zip […]

A Blast from the Past – Exploring the Revival of Old School RuneScape

When we think of the most popular games of 2018, the ones that dominate our thoughts are typically those that sport the largest amount of graphical fidelity, or the biggest esports following. And yet, there is a “newcomer” that is quietly growing its player population: RuneScape. Initially released in 2001, RuneScape became the quintessential game for MMO newcomers to get their feet wet. Its low graphical fidelity married with deep content and progression systems were the perfect combination for a fledgeling generation of gamers to interact in what was one of the earliest 3D online worlds. Over the years, the […]

EVE Online – Is the Intergalactic Sandbox on Its Last Legs?

From a niche title that catered to the most hardcore of players, to an ageing MMO that has done its best to lower the formerly ridiculous bar of entry in a bid to get new players in, EVE has seen just about every iteration possible: but has the road run out? Earlier this year, Icelandic developer CCP announced that it was going to be acquired by Pearl Abyss – the South Korean studio behind games like Black Desert. The news wasn’t greeted with the warmest of welcomes. You see, there has been a long-standing debate within the EVE community that […]

Fallout 76: It Took Multiplayer to Create a True Lone Wander

One of the primary concern for Fallout players ahead of Fallout 76 is that multiplayer would fundamentally change the game. The series thrived off of isolation and solidarity typified by the Lone Wanderer character. An ideal aesthetic for the post-apocalyptic series, and a significant drawing point for many fans. The concern about moving the series to an MMO style then was that too many cooks would spoil the broth. Multiple player characters would undermine the emotional hook of the narrative and produce abundant griefing. Oh, the irony. Turns out the biggest failing (amongst many) of Fallout 76 is how empty […]

Meandering Around Middle-Earth

What does it take to keep an MMO alive? Constant updates? A captivating world? Perhaps all the above and then some. The Lord of the Rings is arguably one of the most popular and fleshed out worlds to ever grace the printing press, screen, and virtual gaming realms in near-unison. For us, however, our focus will rest solely upon the virtual pursuits of the franchise, and how successful it has been. Although there have been many entries in the franchise, The Lord of the Rings Online is undoubtedly the most prominent and successful – and while the fanbase has fluctuated […]

WoW Classic – Is Going Back a Good Idea?

In a short amount of time, the gates of WoW Classic will be thrust upon the world, and we will bear witness to what is likely to simultaneously be one of the most illuminating, captivating, and painful moments ever to be experienced by the WoW Fanbase. Yes, it seems that Blizzard is truly biting the bullet and giving fans what they’ve been asking for: good ol’ vanilla. While we don’t know many of the specifics, the version of the game that Blizzard seem to be pitching is the last patch right before Burning Crusade launched back in the day. This […]

Praise Be to RNG

Gamers come from many creeds and faiths, but at the end of the day, we all bow down to RNG-esus. There used to a time, in the halcyon days of yesteryear, where game developers strived to create games that would last player ages: either through insane difficulty spikes or sheer volumes of content – the intent was to give players an absolute bang for their buck. Now, we are far from saying that these types of games don’t exist anymore – it’s just that major publishers have seemed to move away from this practice, and instead taken up the mantle […]

Raiding is Dead – Long Live Raiding

Raiding is perhaps the single most infuriating, challenging, and enjoyable activity one can thrust themselves into when it comes to online gaming. Popularized by MMOs in the 2000s, raids brought forth challenging scripted content that was meant to be cleared through by anywhere from the size of 10 to 45-man compositions. Over the years, their dominance as the be-all, end-all form of end-game content has slipped, but modern iterations are keeping their design fresh and frenetic. During their heyday, raids were a testament to the technical prowess of cutting-edge video games such as Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft. Since […]