Modern Malaise: Tone Deaf Developers

Money. Greed. Lootboxes. If we kept going, we might break all seven seals. And yet, some game developers seem positively hell-bent on unleashing absolute havoc on the industry. Greed is, undoubtedly, one of the most insidious of human faculties. When we have enough, we simply want more. And then, once we’ve placed our grubby mitts on it, we find that even that wasn’t enough. It’s an oversimplification, sure, but it’s incredibly indicative of the state of the biggest players in the industry at the time being. Looking back over the last couple of years, the biggest stories that came out […]

Red Dead Redemption 2: Simply Whelmed

Years in development, months of hype, and teaser after teaser have revealed Rockstar’s newest entry in their product lineup after half a decade: Red Dead Redemption 2. With a massive marketing budget drip-feeding the public morsels of information about the upcoming romp through the Wild West, why don’t’ we feel ourselves getting as hyped as we probably should be? The answer is easy: it looks like more of the same. For all their fancy trailers and raytraced models, Rockstar hasn’t shown much in the way of new for Red Dead Redemption 2. All that’s been teased so far has looked […]

The Endless, Inevitable Grind of Industry

In most cases, we’ve been playing the exact same games for decades on end. We will continue to do that which we have always done. At the expense of sounding prophetic, it’s hard to not believe that this the current state of the video game industry. the industry isn’t necessarily lacking in innovation. New technologies are continuously being pushed both onto devs and players in the forms of more computational cycles than ever before. But when we look toward gameplay and systems, it’s hard to admit that there isn’t something lacking. Think for a moment of your favourite AAA franchise. […]