A Lesson in Persistence From Deathgarden: Bloodharvest

Persistence pays off. If there’s any phrase we can use to describe Behavior Interactive’s reboot of the already-in-early-access Deathgarden, it’s that. What floundered on release as yet another asymmetrical multiplayer excursion has been reborn as a game that has some serious competitive potential. The premise, at first glance, is very similar to Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight – a group of players competes against one. Deathgarden opts for one additional slot in the group of players, pushing it to 5 v 1 over Dead by Daylight’s 4 v 1. While the change might not seem that drastic on paper, in […]

A New Future: Magic ARENA

Magic: The Gathering – the game that started it all. No other game has been as influential on the trading card game market than the one that literally laid the groundwork. Yet, Wizards of the Coast have lagged significantly behind other entries in the field – such as Hearthstone. Yet that is all set to change. Big things have small beginnings, but in this case, Wizard’s of the Coast is about to drop a monolith on the gaming world. Although there were attempts to break into the digital realm via annual releases, Wizards never managed to establish a large enough […]

The Quest for Endless PvP Pleasure

There is only one true way to experience the thrill of multiplayer: PvP. There are a million and one variants to multiplayer game design, but nothing can come close to the sensation of victory coursing through your system. There are those who prefer a more relaxed and cooperative atmosphere to their virtual outings, but we still hold that no amount of idyllic merrymaking can match the thrill and excitement that comes with pounding your enemies into the pavement. It’s all fine and dandy to just throw out sentiments of praise toward your favourite genres, but we here at The Game’s […]

Battle Royale: The King of the Gaming Hill

Trends come and go, but Battle Royale is big enough to stick around for a while – especially with Call of Duty on board. Battle Royale is arguably the hottest trend in gaming right now. The game type was popularised by DayZ, H1Z1, WarZ, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite, which has made millions of players enchanted. Now, the industry-leading and long-standing shooter franchise Call of Duty is confirmed to jump on the bandwagon in Black Ops 4 and Battlefield is rumoured to do the same. The premise of Battle Royale is a fight to the death, most commonly between 100 […]