How Firestorm’s destruction changes the Battle Royale game

There is no shortage of Battle Royale games on the market and every newcomer must find a way to put its own spin on the genre. What does Battlefield V: Firestorm do? Destruction. Dice and EA recently released the long-awaited Battle Royale game mode Firestorm to Battlefield V. It is safe to say that it is late to the party; six months after the biggest competitor Call of Duty and released a mere month after the launch of the excellent Apex Legends. Same, but different I have played nearly every Battle Royale title on the market so far. What Firestorm […]

Battlefield V – Post Launch, Reception, and What’s Next

Out in the open, and happily chugging along. That’s one of the best things that we can say about EA’s most recent entry into its long-lauded Battlefield franchise. In a line-up like 2018, it’s kind of hard to not feel that way. The name of the game for many big-budget publishers continues to be first-person shooters – and it’s easy to see why. But why not mix it up a little? Perhaps therein lies the biggest challenge that Battlefield V faces – it feels at times a lot like more of the same. When Battlefield 1 dropped, it was hard […]

Front Lines: Historical Accuracy and Diversity

The gaming industry has suffered from a lack of diversity more severely than most. But as the tide begins to turn, it raises questions about the appropriateness of some progressive choices. Is it ever okay not to be diverse? A few weeks ago, EA and DICE announced the latest Battlefield game. Due to a caricatured, cinematic tone and the presence of a woman with a prosthetic limb, the trailer for Battlefield V was poorly received; but, though there is no excuse for the abuse that fans are hurling at women in general, it is important to understand why they are hurling it. After all, the gaming industry […]

A History Of Environmental Destruction

For better or worse the history of video games is violent. From the very beginning, Spacewar! (1962) locked two players in deadly conflict. Much of this violence is oriented towards other beings; human characters (player or AI controlled), monsters, aliens and assorted creatures. There is, however, an alternative history of violence — the kind perpetrated against hard concrete and cold steel as opposed to living things. This is the history of environmental destruction. Building Busters My first taste of this kind of brute carnage was with Midway’s classic arcade game Rampage. Inspired by older monster movies like King Kong and […]

Will We Ever Tire Of World War II Games?

It has proven a fruitful historical setting for video games — but will we ever tire of World War II games? The tragic, brutal, occasionally heroic stories of the war have sparked the imagination of dozens of developers creating games across a multitude of genres. Despite the consistent potency of the setting, it has over time become frustratingly overused. In the past it has produced a variety of experiences and come to define more than a few popular series, but there’s no doubt that over time World War II as a setting has fallen from glory and waned through careless […]

Battle Royale: The King of the Gaming Hill

Trends come and go, but Battle Royale is big enough to stick around for a while – especially with Call of Duty on board. Battle Royale is arguably the hottest trend in gaming right now. The game type was popularised by DayZ, H1Z1, WarZ, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite, which has made millions of players enchanted. Now, the industry-leading and long-standing shooter franchise Call of Duty is confirmed to jump on the bandwagon in Black Ops 4 and Battlefield is rumoured to do the same. The premise of Battle Royale is a fight to the death, most commonly between 100 […]

Conflicted: The Uneasy Relationship Between War And Gaming

War is hell. It’s hard to believe, but nobody “has a good time” when they’re in the middle of a war. Well, unless they have severe and deep-seated psychological issues. For most of us normal people though, real-life military conflicts are horrific and brutal. But the things that make wars so nasty (the death and destruction), are sold as appealing features of many war-based video games. And that’s… troubling. In recent years, the genre of the first-person-shooter has become dominated by the concept of war. Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter-Strike are just some of the major FPS franchises that […]