Can The Outer Worlds Take Over Fallout’s Post-Apocalyptic Mantle?

Fallout 76 was one of the biggest disappointments of the gaming world last year. The hotly anticipated multiplayer entry into the popular franchise was released in a broken state that turned away many players. The outdated engine, graphics and the absence of a narrative have put the series’ future in jeopardy. And the news gets worse for Bethesda. As two of the original Fallout developers have now created their own take on the genre. The Outer Worlds is scheduled for release this year and serves as a love letter to everything that made the old Fallout entries great. The game […]

How do Bethesda Solve The Problem of Fallout 76?

After an excellent November for the big-name developers, one studio left themselves playing catch up. Bethesda’s hotly anticipated Fallout 76 has dropped to plentiful criticism from fans and critics alike. The online-only Fallout 76 has been panned for poor graphics, broken AI and game breaking bugs. There has also been a less favourable reception for the new narrative told through recordings and terminals. A huge 47gb patch was already released by Bethesda in attempt to cover ground but the game still doesn’t deliver. It’s a very troubling release period for Bethesda as the game is dependant on a stream of […]

Fallout 76: It Took Multiplayer to Create a True Lone Wander

One of the primary concern for Fallout players ahead of Fallout 76 is that multiplayer would fundamentally change the game. The series thrived off of isolation and solidarity typified by the Lone Wanderer character. An ideal aesthetic for the post-apocalyptic series, and a significant drawing point for many fans. The concern about moving the series to an MMO style then was that too many cooks would spoil the broth. Multiple player characters would undermine the emotional hook of the narrative and produce abundant griefing. Oh, the irony. Turns out the biggest failing (amongst many) of Fallout 76 is how empty […]

Can Fallout 76 Successfully Combat Griefers?

Since the launch of GTA online, shared open worlds have become a popular trend in modern gaming. These games can be incredibly immersive but are often plagued with griefers. For those who don’t know, griefers are gamers who go out of their way to spoil other players experiences. Whilst some of these can be admittedly hilarious when players encounter a persistent griefer it can ruin the game. Deliberately failing group missions, scamming players in trades or repeatedly killing your avatar – griefers can be a real menace.  As more games move toward shared open worlds we look into the ways […]

Post-Apocalyptica: Why We Love The End Of The World

Environmental collapse, complete social disintegration, ruins — ruins everywhere. How did we become so obsessed with the end of the world? If anyone unfamiliar with the medium tuned into watch gaming’s largest exhibition show, E3, in June, they’d be forgiven for thinking all games take place a few cataclysmic minutes after midnight. Of course, developers do try reimagine the end of the world. There are various shades of annihilation: the nuclear armageddon, set amidst the rubble of modernity; the resource-stripped Earth, now made up of endless desert; the post-pandemic landscape, where viruses ravage bodies and brains. When it comes to […]

The Increasing Relevance Of The Modding Community

Evidence has proven that a strong community of modders can be an invaluable boon for a game developer hoping to improve the longevity of their title. So how might a strong modding community be fostered? And what motivates the modders themselves? The history of modding is rich and vibrantly creative. One of the earliest – and most significant – examples of sanctioned alterations to a video-game was prompted in 1993 by id Software’s groundbreaking first-person shooter, DOOM. Having seen the potential for consumer-created content in their previous game (Wolfenstein II), the developers at id Software decided to package a copy of DOOM‘s […]