The 4K Generation: Resources Well Spent?

The current console generation has been labelled the “4K generation”. However, that is not entirely true. While both Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro are capable of delivering native 4K, it is entirely up to the developers to decide how to utilise the added horsepower of the new consoles. In practice, not many games actually reach those high numbers when the resolution must be weighed against graphics and framerates. Is 4K the right focus? 4K TV’s for consumers have been out for several years now and it is well proven that promises of higher resolutions help the sales of […]

Split-Screen Gaming: What Happened?

Split-screen gaming used to be a core pillar of social gaming that brought people together, but it has been dying out slowly over time… Split-screen gaming brings people together in a unique way. For generations, it was the best way for teamwork and friendship to blossom at the same time. Sharing a couch with your friends makes video gaming more fun – even mediocre titles turn into something bigger than they probably deserve credit for when played in split-screen. By playing together with people in the same room, you can create your own rules between your friends and you do […]