VR’s Place in the Digital Realm – Not a Killer: A Peripheral

It’s safe to say that the hype over VR headsets being the console/handheld/pc/anything killer has finally died. The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are still alive and kicking, with both now effectively into their second generation of hardware, but both at a place in the games industry than many would have thought simply impossible merely years ago. Let’s face the music folks, VR a peripheral. Before you scramble to pick up your pitchforks, let us be the first to tell you that we are not utilizing the term “peripheral” in a disparaging fashion. What we mean is that a […]

What is a Release Date Anymore?

Remember release dates? Those firm, concrete dates when a game would come out and be judged as a finished product? Those days we would all look forward to with excitement as they drew ever-closer so that we could finally begin our adventure in a brand new and exciting world just begging to be explored? Purely digital games have unquestionably altered the landscape of what it means to “ship” a product. In the days of yesteryear – or in the realm of physical product deliver still today – a product should only be shipped to consumers when it is finished and […]

A New Realm Of Possibility: The Democratization of Game Development  

The realm of contemporary game development seems to bear no resemblance to its not-so-distant past. The newfound accessibility of development tools has truly placed the power in the hands of the users. Think back to the kind of video games that were coming out ten years ago; then five – chances are the ones that come to mind are those that were produced by some AAA development house – or in rarer terms, a small indie studio that got lucky in the market. Modernising Due to the nature in which the software world of the past decade was structured, it […]

Mind Games: Psychological Hooks in Modern Gaming

As much as we’d like to believe that we are far more than just the result of millions of neurochemicals within a flesh bag that’s wired to crave the most pleasurable outcome, it’s hard to argue with the data. An indicator that is bashing us over the is the amount of time we spend gaming our lives away in virtual worlds, seeking our next delicious feedback loop or dopamine fix in the latest games to drop. Over the years, the amount of time that we collectively put into video games has skyrocketed – and with the onset of online gaming, […]