What is a Release Date Anymore?

Remember release dates? Those firm, concrete dates when a game would come out and be judged as a finished product? Those days we would all look forward to with excitement as they drew ever-closer so that we could finally begin our adventure in a brand new and exciting world just begging to be explored? Purely digital games have unquestionably altered the landscape of what it means to “ship” a product. In the days of yesteryear – or in the realm of physical product deliver still today – a product should only be shipped to consumers when it is finished and […]

How Can Competitive Card Games Keep It Fresh?

If there is one style of game that has proven it can stand the test of time, it’s card games. Competitive, trading, classic, and even basic card games – it doesn’t matter what flavour they come in, people adore to play them. As one of the oldest formats in the realm of gaming, card games have run just about every gamut possible – so what is a developer to do when they set out to make something new and original? The truth is, they don’t. Like most genres, innovation comes in very, very small bursts – and oftentimes under the […]

Virtual Fashion – Self-Expression in a Digital Realm

From the humble toga in days of old to the extravagant fabrics paraded down catwalks today – fashion is everything The clothes make the man, so the saying goes. And so, we thought we’d take a break from the norm of reviewing the most recent games or industry debacles and take a slightly more ‘cultured’ insight into the role that fashion plays in modern digital games. When we look at any modern game, it doesn’t take long to see the extensive work put into character customization. Whether it be a human avatar, a vehicle, or any other form of in-game […]