Five Times You Didn’t Realise You Were In A Horrible Dystopia

You can tell a lot about a game from its aesthetic. A stacked industrious landscape, a strong presence of propaganda and a struggling lower class – just a few of the familiar signs of a grim dystopia. Probably set to a backdrop of war or some kind of horrific violence still present in the landscape. We can prepare ourselves for such harrowing endeavours but sometimes they strike when we least expect it. In the kind of colourful, cutesy games that you might buy your young children. That aesthetic usually conjures warm, kind emotions but sometimes hides a malevolent secret. Thank goodness […]

Traversing the Void: A Conversation With Moshe Linke

Fugue in Void is the latest creation of game artist and designer Moshe Linke. A six-month long project, it builds off of his previous work, much of which he designates as “experimental” and “alternative”. Fugue is foremost a powerful, sensory experience — something Moshe recommends you play using headphones and with the curtains drawn. Anything to intensify the trip. It’s also excellent world-building — a crafted journey that just wants you to wander through its environments and drown in its atmosphere. Moshe’s passion for building these kinds of exploration games can be traced back to NaissanceE, a first-person game where […]