Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

One of the surprise hits of this year’s E3 was Ubisoft’s team-based sports title Roller Champions. Obvious comparisons were drawn to the popular Rocket League series, which seems to be the target model.  Ubisoft is hoping Roller Champions will be their esports swansong, with branding and licensing deals. Esports is a major business in modern game development and this won’t be the first game designed with that in mind.  So does Roller Champions have what it takes to enjoy the kind of longevity of Rocket League? From the looks of things, yes it does.  Rocket League and Esports Esports is […]

‘We’ve made a kick-ass sequel’: Tommy Refenes talks Super Meat Boy Forever

First teased under the mysterious anagram ‘A Voyeur For September’, Super Meat Boy Forever will soon be hitting our virtual shelves. We interviewed outspoken indie-dev Tommy Refenes ahead of his long-awaited sequel. “If people want to buy Modern Warfare or Halo: Reach that’s fine because I think those games are shit. If that’s what people want then people don’t want the games that I make because I don’t make shit games”, states Tommy Refenes in 2012’s Indie Game: The Movie. The critically acclaimed documentary captured some of the most ingenious minds in indie development during the build up and release of their […]