Is Blade and Sorcery the Next Step for VR?

VR technology seems to come around in cycles for gaming and the current push looks set to reach into the next generation. With PlayStation already confirming future VR support.  With improved consoles often comes better games and we expect the same for VR. The genre is still trapped somewhat in the realms of novelty and constrained by the capabilities of the human eye.  Motion sickness remains an ever-present concern when developing VR titles, limiting the scope of games. There are some titles either already out there or in development that offer a glimpse at the future of VR games.  One […]

Can Nintendo’s Budget Labo VR System Prove a Real Contender?

Nintendo Labo was probably an afterthought for most gamers. The system was primarily aimed at younger gamers and initial sales figures weren’t anything to write home about. Nintendo isn’t giving up on their latest peripheral venture just yet though and the upcoming kit could be a gamechanger. Introducing Labo VR which is set to hit shelves this month. Immediately the aesthetic is less pleasing than a lot of the competitors on the market. But considering packs retail for as little as £35, it could yet prove a marketing masterstroke. What is Nintendo Labo? Nintendo Labo is Switch peripheral that comes […]