Surviving Early Access With The Forest

Early Access Survival Game. That phrase alone is enough to strike terror into the hearts of gamers. Look back over the last half-decade of the genre, and you’ll find a disconcerting amount of half-baked or fully abandoned projects littering digital vendors like a god-forsaken graveyard. While the survival genre undoubtedly sparked alight like a cozy campfire out in the remote wilderness, only a few entries have managed to become a beacon in the dead of a frigid night. Chief among them is The Forest. Bearing a moniker befitting of any grand survival game, The Forest is as vast, intimidating, and mysterious […]

Early Access: Empty Promises?

Early Access is a great idea for developers and gamers alike, but is it working in practice? In 2013, Valve launched the Early Access program through the immensely popular digital distribution platform Steam. The idea was to create opportunities for developers to fund their existing projects and invite players to test and shape the game as part of the development process. It was by many regarded as a win-win, giving developers money at the same time as players could experience new games quicker. For indie developers, Early Access is the substitute for publishers and the relationship between the studio and […]