Virtual Fashion – Self-Expression in a Digital Realm

From the humble toga in days of old to the extravagant fabrics paraded down catwalks today – fashion is everything The clothes make the man, so the saying goes. And so, we thought we’d take a break from the norm of reviewing the most recent games or industry debacles and take a slightly more ‘cultured’ insight into the role that fashion plays in modern digital games. When we look at any modern game, it doesn’t take long to see the extensive work put into character customization. Whether it be a human avatar, a vehicle, or any other form of in-game […]

Handheld Gaming: Back in Fashion?

Ever since Nintendo launched the Game Boy in 1989, the extremely popular follow-up to the Game and Watch in 1980, portable gaming has been an attractive and accessible branch for players who enjoy fun experiences on the go. Nintendo DS, released in 2004, remains the best-selling handheld gaming console ever with over 150 million sales. The Game Boy and 3DS take the second and third place, making Nintendo the undisputed champion of handheld gaming. Sony’s PSP has sold an impressive amount too with its 82 million units. The mobile takeover Handheld gaming consoles appealed to a different audience that PC’s […]