Microsoft is Bringing Halo to PC – And It’s About Time

At this point, this isn’t news anymore – but by God are we still reeling from the announcement that Microsoft is finally bringing Halo to PC. While this is certainly not the first time that a Halo game has found its way onto the PC platform, it does mark the first time in the history of the company that they’ve elected to bring the entirety of the franchise to PC Gaming Master Race. Initially released in 2014 solely for Microsoft’s Xbox console family, the Master Chief Collection on PC will feature every game in the franchise up to Halo 4 […]

5 Henchmen Who’ve Definitely Earned Some Time Off This Christmas

Christmas is a time for relaxation and many of us will be settling down with some of the latest releases. We’d like to spare a thought for those video game henchmen who won’t be getting any time off this festive season. We mean those unsung heroes, who’ve been turning up year after year with the gruelling task of stopping us, the protagonist. Those dedicated and loyal workers who risk life and limb for the cause, day in, day out. Here, we recognise some of those proficient professionals who’ve more than earned some time off this Christmas. Goombas – Mario Series […]

Split-Screen Gaming: What Happened?

Split-screen gaming used to be a core pillar of social gaming that brought people together, but it has been dying out slowly over time… Split-screen gaming brings people together in a unique way. For generations, it was the best way for teamwork and friendship to blossom at the same time. Sharing a couch with your friends makes video gaming more fun – even mediocre titles turn into something bigger than they probably deserve credit for when played in split-screen. By playing together with people in the same room, you can create your own rules between your friends and you do […]

Video Game Health Mechanics: Suspending Disbelief

Video game protagonists often have to experience tremendous amounts of physical trauma for our entertainment. In a medium where violence is often the primary tool for player interaction, it is necessary for the player character to be extremely resilient. All video game protagonists have their limits, however, and this is frequently displayed to the Player through the use of health mechanics. Be it the implementation of a health gauge or regenerative healing, these systems allow the player, using suspension of disbelief, to explain how the likes of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series can survive the onslaught of bullets fired […]

Looking Ahead: Is PlayStation Already Winning the Next Console War?

It’s the fifth year of this console cycle and time to peak around the corner to predict what might be next. The battle for top spot will be won or lost by the ability to get into our wallets. So which console are gamers planning to invest in when the next generation comes around? The major differences between Sony and Microsoft’s premier gaming consoles have begun to dissolve in recent years. A decade ago it would have seemed unimaginable that Metal Gear Solid, a series which is practically written into the DNA of PlayStation, would ever dare to grace a […]