Is The Sinking City the Lovecraft We’ve Always Wanted?

Lovecraft and gaming. The two go practically together. Even just a cursory look at how many spin-offs, honorific adaptations, and straight copies of H.P. Lovecraft’s enduring works show a proclivity for other creatives to tap into his wonderfully weird world of oddities and insanity. Unfortunately, inclusion does not mean precision – and the gaming realm is rife with instances where Lovecraftian themes have been implemented so poorly they may as well have not been included at all. Frogwares’ The Sinking City looks like it’s aiming everything in is arsenal to prove that it can rise above the rabble and do […]

Delve Into Darkest Dungeon

For many in the digital generation, spelunking through dungeons in search of treasure and glory has always been a favourite pastime. Even when pen-and-paper D&D was the only option for truly immersive dungeon-running, players were frothing at the mouth to see what lurked just beyond the next set of descending stairs. It was a joyous time for all involved. But have you ever paused to wonder what dungeoneering might actually do to the psyche? In fantasy realms where the name of the game is power fantasy, our heroes are able to bear witness to things that would cause mortal men […]

The Safe Room: How Game Designers Create Horror

Resident Evil isn’t the first survival-horror game, but it’s probably the most quintessential. Its mansion’s dilapidated halls are fraught with danger, yet nestled deep amongst the hostile architecture are a few pockets of solace. The safe room — a brief respite away from the horrors outside. Resident Evil’s first safe room is no more than a cupboard under the stairs. An old storm lantern illuminates the room and paints shadows against walls of bare concrete. It may be sparse and claustrophobic, but it’s a place to rest and recuperate nonetheless. There’s more to these safe rooms than simple ambiance and […]