Pandemic Express May be the Closest we Ever Get to Left 4 Dead 3

Pandemic Express is the latest offering from acclaimed indie developer tinyBuild Games. The game is a veritable feast of market trends mashing together several popular gaming models from the past few years. Pandemic Express is asymmetric horror meets open world survival with a small dash of battle royale. It’s also got zombies, and it could be the closest thing to Left 4 Dead 3 that we’ll ever see. Left 4 Dead and Valve’s Fear of Three    Amazingly Left 4 Dead is now 11 years old, so the latest generation of gamer will likely have missed this gem. For those […]

Pikuniku – The Wonderfully Warped Indie Darling

2019 has already seen some big, new AAA releases such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Anthem. There is, however, an indie darling that has snuck under the radar: Pikuniku The latest release from Devolver Digital has received a stellar critical response to stand amongst major titles. The puzzle platformer has the makings of an indie classic with a sinister sense of humour to boot. At an estimated 2-4 hour campaign it’s not the longest game but it does make a perfect accompaniment to any Nintendo Switch library. A modest offering at less than £12 on the Nintendo e-shop it’s well […]

Playdead Are Into Development on Their Biggest Adventure Yet

Danish developer Playdead has firmly established themselves as one of the top-tier studios for indie games. Game designers Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti formed the studio in 2006 to begin work on Limbo. The puzzle platformer launched to critical acclaim and has been ported several times since its release in 2011. Playdead seamlessly transported the quality of experience with the game still averaging 88/100 on Metacritic across platforms.   The team followed up with Inside in 2016 that received similar plaudits from industry professionals. Inside picked up 16 gaming awards upon release and averaged 90/100 on Metacritic. The game built […]

Robert Yang on The Tearoom, Getting around Twitch Censorship with Guns, and LGBTQ Representation

There are many things that video games are known for -portraying historic injustices, adult relationships, and maturely exploring LGBTQ life are none of them. We talk to Robert Yang, whose games have dared to challenge the taboos that inhibit what should be society’s most open and innovative artistic medium. In 2007 video artist William E. James presented a reel of footage captured by Mansfield, Ohio police in 1962. Titled ‘Tearoom’, the film is a shocking historic document made by cops voyeuristically sitting behind a two-way mirror filming men cruising in a public bathroom. Their material was later used to prosecute those recorded […]