Are Marvel Finally Planning To Launch Their Gaming Universe?

Marvel has become a juggernaut of pop culture in the last decade with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. The comic giant may be about to expand their reach further into the medium of gaming. A lot of stigma has hung over superhero games in the past as a much-maligned subgenre of gaming. Releases like Iron Man and Superman 64 were plagued by complicated physics challenges that ruined gameplay. The latter is often listed as one of the worst games of all time.   But Insomniac produced the critically-acclaimed Spider-Man as a PS4 exclusive last year. The game was a big commercial […]

Six Narrative Predictions for Insomniac’s Spider-man 2

Late last year Insomniac games finally cracked the code of an enjoyable Spider-Man game. The Sony exclusive was so well received that it was even nominated for Game Of The Year at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. And that has quickly lead to rumours of a sequel to help launch a proposed Marvel gaming universe. The comic giant is looking to extend their stranglehold on pop culture after this successful venture into the gaming market. Now that we’ve had time for the dust to settle on the final DLC pack we take a look at some of our early predictions […]

Spiderman PS4: Can Insomniac Make a Good Superhero Game?

This September Sony are set to release the latest in a largely maligned Spiderman video game series. Early showings from E3 were very promising suggesting Insomniac Games have finally cracked a difficult superhero formula. There is a lot of crossover between the gaming and comic demographics with many fans eager to embody the experience of their favourite characters. So it seems like a safe bet for developers but the superhero genre has proved problematic. Shaky camerawork, confusing physics and an over-reliance on quick time events have plagued the genre in the past. There has been a long list of woeful […]