Robert Yang on The Tearoom, Getting around Twitch Censorship with Guns, and LGBTQ Representation

There are many things that video games are known for -portraying historic injustices, adult relationships, and maturely exploring LGBTQ life are none of them. We talk to Robert Yang, whose games have dared to challenge the taboos that inhibit what should be society’s most open and innovative artistic medium. In 2007 video artist William E. James presented a reel of footage captured by Mansfield, Ohio police in 1962. Titled ‘Tearoom’, the film is a shocking historic document made by cops voyeuristically sitting behind a two-way mirror filming men cruising in a public bathroom. Their material was later used to prosecute those recorded […]

‘We always dreamed about making games’: A Chat With FIFTYTWO

We talked to the Russian indie devs about their journey into game development, Populus Run, and the importance of music in video games. Nizhny Novgorod may have felt like the centre of the planet for much of this summer’s World Cup, but the developers at FIFTYTWO have been creating their own beautiful universes there for years. Using innovative and immersive designs on Kenshō, JELLIES! and the upcoming Populus Run, they are part of a flourishing Russian games industry. We spoke to co-founder Mikhail Shagin. You used to make games in your spare time. What was it that inspired you to […]

‘We’ve made a kick-ass sequel’: Tommy Refenes talks Super Meat Boy Forever

First teased under the mysterious anagram ‘A Voyeur For September’, Super Meat Boy Forever will soon be hitting our virtual shelves. We interviewed outspoken indie-dev Tommy Refenes ahead of his long-awaited sequel. “If people want to buy Modern Warfare or Halo: Reach that’s fine because I think those games are shit. If that’s what people want then people don’t want the games that I make because I don’t make shit games”, states Tommy Refenes in 2012’s Indie Game: The Movie. The critically acclaimed documentary captured some of the most ingenious minds in indie development during the build up and release of their […]

The Graphics Race: Is Photorealism the Future?

Is photorealism achievable in video games? If so, is it desirable or harmful? In video games, graphics is important for immersion and to sell the concept of a believable game world. In marketing campaigns, the technical prowess of games is often the main focus, such as in the cases of Crysis and Far Cry, which goes to show that many seek gaming experiences that look as realistic as possible. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and Battlefield 1 are all games that are pushing technology to new heights today, but while these showcase stunning results, many would argue […]