Marx Origins: Is Kirby’s Greatest Threat Hiding in Plain Sight?

Last month, HAL Laboratory penned an open letter putting an end to the post-game content of Kirby Star Allies. The game has received numerous free updates since its launch over a year ago. Adding new levels, challenges and playable characters. Assuming those added characters are canon, the game marked the return of several major antagonists. Unlike most Nintendo mascots, Kirby tends to put his main foes down for good. Meaning there aren’t many returning principal antagonists due to the fact, they were canonically destroyed by our hero. Fan theories have speculated certain figures survived their encounters with Kirby though and […]

Four Reasons You Should be Interested in Box Boy! and Box Girl!

Box Boy! made it’s console debut on Nintendo Switch last month. One of Nintendo’s newer and less recognisable franchises but one that’s worthy of your attention. Box Boy! and Box Girl! will be the fourth instalment in the franchise but will provide a perfect entry point to the series. Here are four reasons why the charming puzzle-platformer would make the perfect addition to any Switch library. It’s a New Series from HAL Laboratory Nintendo frequently outsources their prized franchises to smaller studios under the one banner of quality. And one of the most significant of those studios is HAL Laboratory […]

Is Link’s Awakening the First Step Towards a Nintendo Universe?

We now have confirmation that Link’s Awakening will be coming to Switch this year. A port of a former title seemed the most likely candidate as we alluded to following the announcement. Not many fans were probably expecting that port to be Link’s Awakening though. It’s not a Zelda title that’s received a lot of love since it’s release in 1993. It seems a strange time to launch a remake but it could also be a very tactical decision. So is this just another nostalgia trip or a nod to the future for Nintendo? The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening […]

New DLC Could Be The Best Reason Yet to Pick Up Kirby Star Allies

Christmas came early for Kirby fans as HAL Laboratory added the Wave Three update to Star Allies at the end of November. Since the game’s release, nine more playable characters have been added as free DLC. Rick, Coo & Kine from Dreamland 2, Gooey from Dreamland 3 and Marx from Superstar were Wave 1. Adeiele & Ribbon from Crystal Shards, Dark Meta Knight from Amazing Mirror and Daroach from Squeak Squad were Wave 2. Leaving Magolor from Return to Dreamland, Taranza from Triple Deluxe and Susie from Planet Robobot as the final wave. The final wave came some way apart […]