Is The Mad Box a Serious Competitor in the Future Console Wars?

The games console market is once again becoming competitive after being largely dominated by three companies. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been the three pillars of the industry for some time but could face more competition in future. With advancing technologies, it’s a market that’s becoming more accessible for more tech companies. Everybody from Atari to rapper Soulja Boy seems to have concept consoles in the works. One of the more publicised and potentially serious competitors in the market is Slightly Mad Studios and their concept: Mad Box. Gamers were teased with the first images of the Mad Box earlier […]

Is Link’s Awakening the First Step Towards a Nintendo Universe?

We now have confirmation that Link’s Awakening will be coming to Switch this year. A port of a former title seemed the most likely candidate as we alluded to following the announcement. Not many fans were probably expecting that port to be Link’s Awakening though. It’s not a Zelda title that’s received a lot of love since it’s release in 1993. It seems a strange time to launch a remake but it could also be a very tactical decision. So is this just another nostalgia trip or a nod to the future for Nintendo? The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening […]