How Likely Are the Latest Leaked Nintendo Switch Titles?

Nintendo suffered more leaks this week when American chain store Best Buy accidentally listed some upcoming titles. Three new titles recently appeared on an employee’s terminal before being removed from sale. Those games were Metroid Prime Trilogy, Persona 5 and A Link To The Past. None of these releases has been officially confirmed by Nintendo but there is good reason to believe they’re all true. The leak could just have blown a portion of Nintendo’s E3 announcements but the plausibility means they could still be a hoax. So from most likely to least likely, these are the reasons why we could […]

Everything You Need to Know About Joker’s Super Smash Bros Debut

Nintendo wasted no time adding continued hype to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by revealing Joker as the first DLC fighter on launch day. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai had already confirmed five DLC packages but the first announcement comes sooner than expected. Joker, the protagonist of the Persona 5 series, will be the first new character to join Smash. Piranha Plant isn’t expected to join the roster until early February. So it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Joker anytime soon but he will be join the cast alongside a new Persona 5 stage. For those unfamiliar, we’ve taken the liberty of dissecting […]