Could Far Cry Usher in a New Dawn For A Colourful Apocalypse?

Ubisoft continued their trend of spin-off releases in the Far Cry series recently with their latest entry, New Dawn. Despite an apparent decline in the series and the less than stellar sales figures for Far Cry 5. New Dawn takes place in the same map as Far Cry 5 but is set after the events of the main game. For anyone still playing Far Cry 5 look away now because, spoiler alert, everything gets nuked. That is the canonical ending as well with New Dawn taking place 17 years later in the recently irradiate Hope County. There are some changes […]

What Your Pre-Order Bonuses Could Be Telling You

Pre-order bonuses are part and parcel of modern gaming like DLC and season passes. They can be a great way to spread the cost of new games and secure exclusive perks for in-game use. But of course, like most of these trends in game marketing, they often harbour a hidden agenda. Really pre-order bonuses only exist to allow developers to secure some early projections of sales figures. There are a few red flags gamers should be aware of though when pre-ordering a game. Pre-order bonuses can be used to mask a game that developers don’t have much faith in. They […]