The Elder Scrolls Online Finally Achieves Its Potential

It may have been a rocky road, but we can say with confidence that The Elder Scrolls Online is finally the best way to explore the lands, cultures, and peoples of Tamriel. Now, five years after its initial launch ESO has finally come into its own with a level of quality that rivals even most Bethesda games. And by that, we mean that it’s virtually bug-free. It seems like a strange boon to lead with, but it’s true. Although there is much, much more to the game than just the technical nitty-gritty, it’s with a sigh of deep appreciation that […]

Does Story in an MMO Even Matter?

Why would any healthy, functioning individual invest hundreds of hours of their lives into an MMO? More to the point, what exactly are the elements of an MMO that make them such insidious time sinks that people endlessly flock back to – it can’t just be as simple as a palatable Skinner box, can it? For quite some time, there has been the circulation of a false premise that claims that the majority of MMO players gravitate toward their respective games because of their story. While it may be true that some of the most successful MMOs are set in […]

Blizzard Has Butchered Battle for Azeroth

More than half a year into Battle for Azeroth, and we must call things for what they are: dead in the water. Sometimes, no matter how much we adore playing a game, we must be dreadfully honest regarding its faults.  And let us be frank: World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is beginning to feel like a work that is suffering the weight of some incredibly poor design decisions. To say that there isn’t anything of value being offered by Battle for Azeroth would be grossly untrue and unnecessarily inflammatory. The expansion certainly has its fair share of worthwhile attractions – […]

Life Imitates Art: Real-Life Lobbyist Banned for Corruption in EVE Online

Brian Schoenemann – a real-life political lobbyist – has been banned from EVE Online for allegations of corruption. Schoemann’s in-game character Brisc Rubal similarly holds a political position in the in-game world. Schoenemann has been accused of abusing his in-game position to share confidential information. Offering advantages to certain other players and corrupting the integrity of the in-game world and breaching a non-disclosure agreement with the developer.    He has denied the allegations and will seek to have his position reinstated but there is little evidence that can be produced either way. EVE Online EVE Online is a science fiction […]

Meandering Around Middle-Earth

What does it take to keep an MMO alive? Constant updates? A captivating world? Perhaps all the above and then some. The Lord of the Rings is arguably one of the most popular and fleshed out worlds to ever grace the printing press, screen, and virtual gaming realms in near-unison. For us, however, our focus will rest solely upon the virtual pursuits of the franchise, and how successful it has been. Although there have been many entries in the franchise, The Lord of the Rings Online is undoubtedly the most prominent and successful – and while the fanbase has fluctuated […]

RaiderIO: Assisting the World of Warcraft Elite

The race for world first. The battle has been ongoing for over 12 years, and won’t end until the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft shuts its doors. The players don’t compete for money, but for bragging rights, and the respect of the community. Thousands of players line up with their guilds when Blizzard releases new end-game content, with many taking time off from work or school to accommodate the gruelling schedule that accompanies the race. Top end guilds will often battle for 16+ hours a day in their quest to become a part of WoW history, and claim the title […]