Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is More a Summer Holiday than Full Tutition at Hogwarts

Harry Potter

Hogwarts fans have been given a second chance at a hit mobile game with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Coming from the mobile gaming pedigree of Niantic, it at least goes some way to erasing the memory of another recent flop.  Mobile gaming is a booming industry currently estimated at around $2.2bn. An estimated 25% of all IOS apps downloaded are games. Popular ‘freemium’ model games can actually produce more in revenue than some AAA titles.   Harry Potter meanwhile is one of the most popular and marketable franchises on Earth. The series shifted a staggering 500 million copies of the book […]

Nintendo Launch Mario Kart Tour Beta Ahead of E3

Nintendo recently opened up applications to a private beta for Mario Kart Tour. The game will be the latest in a line of mobile releases as Nintendo extends their reach into the emerging platform. Mobile gaming is a huge business and enjoys a significant crossover with the casual gaming demographic that Nintendo already targets. According to marketing agency Mediakix, there are an estimated 2.2 billion active mobile gamers. 56% of that demographic access games on their phones more than 10 times per week. Nintendo already had huge success in the market with the release of Pokemon Go, which became the […]