A Lesson in Persistence From Deathgarden: Bloodharvest

Persistence pays off. If there’s any phrase we can use to describe Behavior Interactive’s reboot of the already-in-early-access Deathgarden, it’s that. What floundered on release as yet another asymmetrical multiplayer excursion has been reborn as a game that has some serious competitive potential. The premise, at first glance, is very similar to Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight – a group of players competes against one. Deathgarden opts for one additional slot in the group of players, pushing it to 5 v 1 over Dead by Daylight’s 4 v 1. While the change might not seem that drastic on paper, in […]

The Continued Glory Of Planeside 2

Nearly 7 years ago, something incredible began. Then-Sony Online Entertainment released the sequel to the groundbreaking MMOFPS, Planetside. The first Planetside offered something that had never been done before: a three-way battle for dominance across massive (for the time) alien worlds with the promise of glory and dominance. Planetside 2 offers the same, but on a much, much, grander scale. However, things haven’t been smooth sailing since launch. It may sound strange, but Planetside 2 is a textbook example of just how much relentless support can improve a game. The Planetside 2 of today may look incredibly similar to those […]

Praise Be the Resurgence of Couch Co-Op

For all of the new multiplayer technology that has been fielded over the last several years, a surprising multiplayer component has come back with a vengeance. We are, of course, talking about none other than co-op. Co-operative play has been a long-standing pillar in the video game world, but we’re hard-pressed to think of another in recent gaming memory when co-op games were as popular as they are now. But how can something that is decidedly more low-tech than the most powerful server networks be standing toe-to-toe with some of the most popular online multiplayer games? The answer is simple: […]

How Fortnite Dominates Through Aggressive Updates

After the arrival of Respawn’s Apex Legends, the Battle-Royale Market has finally seen some well-needed competition. But is it enough to dethrone the one and only Fortnite? Don’t get us wrong, we love Apex Legends just as much as the next BR-addicted gamer – hell, most of last month’s productivity went straight to it. But Respawn’s new challenger is going to have quite a lot of work to do if it’s planning on scaling the mountain and dethroning the king. The reason for this, perhaps more so than any other, is just how quickly Epic Games moves to update Fornite. […]

Raiding is Dead – Long Live Raiding

Raiding is perhaps the single most infuriating, challenging, and enjoyable activity one can thrust themselves into when it comes to online gaming. Popularized by MMOs in the 2000s, raids brought forth challenging scripted content that was meant to be cleared through by anywhere from the size of 10 to 45-man compositions. Over the years, their dominance as the be-all, end-all form of end-game content has slipped, but modern iterations are keeping their design fresh and frenetic. During their heyday, raids were a testament to the technical prowess of cutting-edge video games such as Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft. Since […]

Virtual Reality: Here To Stay?

In 2016, virtual reality saw a large increase of products and users. Since the development of the gaming headset Oculus Rift started three years earlier, the interest for the technology grew rapidly in the entertainment sector. While VR kicked off on the PC with the Rift and HTC Vive, the biggest VR headset for gamers to date is the Playstation VR with over three million sold units. Aside from the high-end headsets, a plethora of cheaper ones have become available for smartphones, making niche technology more accessible to a wider audience. The term “virtual reality” is nothing new. In fact, […]

Modern Legends – Rocket League

Ah, gaming in 2018. Untold thousands of games competing for your finite attention in any way they possibly can. Whether it be through the latest in cutting-edge graphics, systems design, or taunting you by flaunting their uber-new server architecture, devs will try just about anything to get you to purchase their title. But, every now and again, buried somewhere deep among the endless slew of near releases, is a wholesome, unassuming gem of a game that remains steadfast in its ability to produce endless hours of enjoyment for its players: Rocket League. With a premise as simply as: rocket cars […]

Leave Me Alone: When Multiplayer Is Too Much

Unlockables, collectibles, infinite progression tracks, and heart-pounding adrenaline shared across a map with dozens of other players. Yes, modern multiplayer gaming is a sight to behold – but has the market become over-saturated with curated experiences that rely primarily on churning hundreds upon hundreds of hours played in perpetually resetting online arenas? There used to exist a time where multiplayer was a bonus add-on to a fleshed-out singleplayer campaign. Of course, this was largely in part to the technical limitations that existed when it came to bandwidth and server technology, but nonetheless – the concept of multiplayer was mostly relegated […]

Battle Royale: The King of the Gaming Hill

Trends come and go, but Battle Royale is big enough to stick around for a while – especially with Call of Duty on board. Battle Royale is arguably the hottest trend in gaming right now. The game type was popularised by DayZ, H1Z1, WarZ, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite, which has made millions of players enchanted. Now, the industry-leading and long-standing shooter franchise Call of Duty is confirmed to jump on the bandwagon in Black Ops 4 and Battlefield is rumoured to do the same. The premise of Battle Royale is a fight to the death, most commonly between 100 […]

A Matter Of Perspective: Comparing First And Third-person Shooters

Perspective in games matter. Game developers have always played and tinkered with player perspective, sometimes to precise and purposeful effect, other times as part of unconscious genre trends. Regardless of the goal, different perspectives have different effects. Notice for example how the ordinarily stable 2D viewpoint in Darkest Dungeon suddenly zooms into a close-up shot of a character when they become “afflicted”. This awkward transition captures a climactic moment of dread with an uneasy and claustrophobic angle. Compare this to the viewpoint offered by most strategy games — an epic, sweeping, zoomed out point of view that empowers players with […]