Does Story in an MMO Even Matter?

Why would any healthy, functioning individual invest hundreds of hours of their lives into an MMO? More to the point, what exactly are the elements of an MMO that make them such insidious time sinks that people endlessly flock back to – it can’t just be as simple as a palatable Skinner box, can it? For quite some time, there has been the circulation of a false premise that claims that the majority of MMO players gravitate toward their respective games because of their story. While it may be true that some of the most successful MMOs are set in […]

Does Your Choice Even Matter?

There is a trope in many RPG-like games that surfaces its multi-faceted time and again: the narrative choice. Will you do this, or will you do that? Will you choose to aid the kindly old woman, or will you blow her head to smithereens with your shotgun and loot her house? Although extreme, these choices illustrate just one of the many that developers will go out of their way to offer up to the players – yet do they matter at all? Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we’ll need to look at the perception of what giving a […]

FFXIV: What Will Shadowbringers Bring?

Well, here we are. Before you know it, we’ve got a new expansion to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It seems only like yesterday that Stormblood released and we were storming Eorzea’s Eastern continent. And now, we stand victorious and looking up toward the northern border of the Garlean Empire, wondering what will come next. It’s no secret that Square has been teasing a big shake-up to the established world of FFXIV. With our characters donning the title of “Warrior of Light” ever since 1.0, the upcoming Shadowbringers will look to shake things up and force our once-benevolent player characters to […]

An Exploration Of Branching Narrative And Its Future in Gaming

Video games offer an escape from reality that goes deeper than any film or TV series by allowing a player to take control of entirely new persona. The suspension of disbelief can still only go so far when bound by the constraints of a predetermined narrative. This has led to an emerging narrative technique for game developers, a branching plotline. Developers can avoid narrative cliches and create a greater level of immersion by putting control of the story into the players’ hands. A game that adapts to the style of the player, producing tailor-made experiences. Developers have only just begun […]