What Does Metroid Prime 4 Cancellation Mean For Nintendo?

Nintendo has officially announced the temporary cancellation of the highly-anticipated Metroid Prime 4. The latest exploits of Samus Aran were set to be one of the cornerstones of Nintendo’s 2019 calendar. Serving as a long-awaited sequel to the Metroid Prime trilogy that ended in 2007. Fans were rightly excited by the cryptic teaser that debuted back at E3 2017. But those fans will have to wait a little longer. Not much was known about the project scheduled for release later this year but that’s not unusual for Nintendo. The clandestine giant likes to keep their cards close to their chests […]

New DLC Could Be The Best Reason Yet to Pick Up Kirby Star Allies

Christmas came early for Kirby fans as HAL Laboratory added the Wave Three update to Star Allies at the end of November. Since the game’s release, nine more playable characters have been added as free DLC. Rick, Coo & Kine from Dreamland 2, Gooey from Dreamland 3 and Marx from Superstar were Wave 1. Adeiele & Ribbon from Crystal Shards, Dark Meta Knight from Amazing Mirror and Daroach from Squeak Squad were Wave 2. Leaving Magolor from Return to Dreamland, Taranza from Triple Deluxe and Susie from Planet Robobot as the final wave. The final wave came some way apart […]

Everything You Need to Know About Joker’s Super Smash Bros Debut

Nintendo wasted no time adding continued hype to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by revealing Joker as the first DLC fighter on launch day. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai had already confirmed five DLC packages but the first announcement comes sooner than expected. Joker, the protagonist of the Persona 5 series, will be the first new character to join Smash. Piranha Plant isn’t expected to join the roster until early February. So it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Joker anytime soon but he will be join the cast alongside a new Persona 5 stage. For those unfamiliar, we’ve taken the liberty of dissecting […]

Why Do Nintendo Keep Falling Prey to Data Miners?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate hit store shelves last week as Nintendo makes a huge move on the Christmas market. It’s set to be the biggest Smash Bros yet, with all the previous characters from the series making a return.  On top of that, there’s a bunch of new characters and stages to play, with maybe a few secrets in there too. Or secrets for most at least, as recently Nintendo fell victim to another major leak.  Series creator Masahiro Sakurai has expressed his distaste for data miners in the past. He supposedly avoided a traditional story mode for Ultimate because […]

Are We Getting a New Zelda Title for Nintendo Switch?

Eiji Aonuma and his team have been dropping hints that we could see another Zelda release for Switch. Having multiple Zelda games on one console has been a staple in the past but fans weren’t expecting another Switch release. The large scope of Breath of the Wild and subsequent DLC packages had fans believing it would be a long time before the next release. BOTW’s open world style also represented a significant departure for the series which could complicate new releases. But when the Zelda team posted an online ad looking for two new designers rumours began to swirl. The […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World Of Light – What We Know So Far

The final veil has been lifted from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with the recent announcement of an adventure mode. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed a trailer for the ‘World of Light’ in the final Smash Bros direct. Sakurai reportedly had to cut an adventure mode from the previous instalment due to the hardware limitations of the 3DS. So an announcement was expected but the structure is perhaps not what many had envisioned.  It seems World of Light will be nothing like the popular Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros Brawl. It will instead be closer to the event mode in […]

From Pioneer to Plunderer: The Sorry Decline of Rare

Sea of Thieves was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the first quarter of 2018. Hype grew surrounding the games’ reveal at E3 2017 but just eight months into its’ life cycle, Rare Studio’s pirate simulator is a ghost town. It was marketed as ‘The Best Game Rare Ever Made’ but Sea of Thieves was immediately panned for a lack of objectives. Whilst co-operatively steering a galleon in search of treasure sounded exciting from the outset, the game devolved into nothing more than a glorified fetch quest. Locate objective, travel the seas, fight skeletons, return home, and repeat […]

Who are the Five DLC Characters For Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

The last Super Smash Bros. Direct went out last week, with series creator Masahiro Sakurai confirming the final roster. Incineroar from Pokemon, Ken from Street Fighter and Piranha Plant make up the 77 fighters confirmed for the game. Sakurai also confirmed there will five additional DLC fighters who are set to be released over the course of the year. These characters are already confirmed and in development but fans will have to wait to learn their identities. The rumour mill has been whirling fast amongst fans though with plenty of names been thrown up. Never ones to be outdone we […]

Why Nintendo Should Purchase Telltale Games

Telltale Games remains on its last legs following massive layoffs and financial troubles, all but forcing the studio to fold. The remaining staff are expected to call it a day after the completion of Minecraft: Story Mode’s Netflix port. Recently launched Skybound Games have announced they intend to finish the final chapter of the Walking Dead Series. But fans are unlikely to see any further additions to popular series’ like Wolf Among Us and Batman. Despite positive critical reception and respectable sales figures, Telltale Games have so far been unable to find a new investor. There is one industry juggernaut […]

Times Nintendo Were Ahead of the Curve and Didn’t Even Realise

Nintendo is a company that likes to reinvent the way people think about gaming. Even to this day with their adherence to motion controls and their portable home console – the Switch. The Japanese gaming giants have dedicated themselves to the cause of gaming from their early roots in arcade cabinets and hanafuda cards. With all this pioneering of new technologies, there’s bound to be a few blunders, like the ill-fated Nintendo Gamecube discs. Not all of their commercially unsuccessful products were a bad idea though. Sometimes Nintendo was just trying to showcase technology that the world wasn’t ready for. Consider […]