Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios Are Finally Making Their Own Co-Op Zombie Shooter

Left 4 Dead remains a popular game series despite not seeing an entry since 2009. The first two games launched to critical success and quickly achieved cult status. Now the original developers behind the game are creating their own spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood. We recently looked into the appeal of Left 4 Dead and many failed spiritual successors since whilst looking at promising indie title Pandemic Express. This year also saw another AAA  attempt in World War Z, but that mantle remains untouched. Instead, here we’ll be looking at the story of Turtle Rock Studios and their occasionally strained […]

Pandemic Express May be the Closest we Ever Get to Left 4 Dead 3

Pandemic Express is the latest offering from acclaimed indie developer tinyBuild Games. The game is a veritable feast of market trends mashing together several popular gaming models from the past few years. Pandemic Express is asymmetric horror meets open world survival with a small dash of battle royale. It’s also got zombies, and it could be the closest thing to Left 4 Dead 3 that we’ll ever see. Left 4 Dead and Valve’s Fear of Three    Amazingly Left 4 Dead is now 11 years old, so the latest generation of gamer will likely have missed this gem. For those […]