Pandemic Express May be the Closest we Ever Get to Left 4 Dead 3

Pandemic Express is the latest offering from acclaimed indie developer tinyBuild Games. The game is a veritable feast of market trends mashing together several popular gaming models from the past few years. Pandemic Express is asymmetric horror meets open world survival with a small dash of battle royale. It’s also got zombies, and it could be the closest thing to Left 4 Dead 3 that we’ll ever see. Left 4 Dead and Valve’s Fear of Three    Amazingly Left 4 Dead is now 11 years old, so the latest generation of gamer will likely have missed this gem. For those […]

Never Stop Partying Hard

What better way to celebrate anything from as momentous as a graduation, marriage, or birth, all the way to the fact that you made it to another weekend? Yes, every culture has their own takes on soiree’s, but we can all agree on one thing: nothing is more obnoxious than a neighbourhood party when you’re trying to get some shuteye. To what lengths would you go to ensure that your night is filled with peaceful and restful sleep? Shutting the blinds? Putting in earplugs? Going over to the premise and embarking on a homicidal murder-spree until you’re the sole survivor? […]