Counter Strike Global Offensive: The Comeback

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive went free-to-play and had an official Battle Royale mode added to the game last month. Long-time fans of the franchise were initially both confused and highly sceptical, but new numbers show that the game was played by over 20 million people in December alone, which is the all-time record. What does this new direction mean for the classic shooter? What is the thought process behind it from Valve’s side? Danger Zone There is no shortage of Battle Royale games. As we head into 2019, the genre is still as hot as ever, but few expected Counter-Strike to […]

ArenaNet And The Player Influence Crisis

In the event that you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you may have missed the debacle that has come crashing down upon the heads of ArenaNet, the developers of the popular MMOs Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. To sum up the events without going into too much detail, what shook down was this: a fan of Guild Wars 2 took to Twitter to air some of their grievances regarding the narrative decisions of the latest DLC update for the season-based MMO. In no time, one of the game’s narrative designers jumped to challenge the claims. […]