Red Dead Redemption 2: Simply Whelmed

Years in development, months of hype, and teaser after teaser have revealed Rockstar’s newest entry in their product lineup after half a decade: Red Dead Redemption 2. With a massive marketing budget drip-feeding the public morsels of information about the upcoming romp through the Wild West, why don’t’ we feel ourselves getting as hyped as we probably should be? The answer is easy: it looks like more of the same. For all their fancy trailers and raytraced models, Rockstar hasn’t shown much in the way of new for Red Dead Redemption 2. All that’s been teased so far has looked […]

How Can Rockstar Keep Red Dead Redemption 2 Fresh?

The impossibly cinematic West rolls by, a narrator contextualises the scene: “In the late 1800s America was evolving. On its way to becoming the most powerful country in the world”. Instantly we’re hooked. The latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 proves that Rockstar are still the masters of open world immersion. But after failing to keep GTA 5 relevant with DLC, how will the developers keep us coming back to their newest creation? It has been a record 5 years, 11 months since Rockstar last released a brand new game. Of course, there have been plenty of updates for GTA […]

The Power of Video Gaming’s Greatest Mountains

Mountains have long gripped our imagination. Their peaks call to us with a primal urgency, creating a sense of awe and wonder when we finally reach their top. What are video gaming’s greatest mountains, and how do they have such a similar allure to real ones? A climb can be symbolic, a rising or powering up that leads to the highest point and to victory — think of Mario’s defining climb in the original Donkey Kong. As well as this, mountains are often used as a staging ground for the final battle or a hide for the darkest and most […]