Roller Champions Could be the New Rocket League

One of the surprise hits of this year’s E3 was Ubisoft’s team-based sports title Roller Champions. Obvious comparisons were drawn to the popular Rocket League series, which seems to be the target model.  Ubisoft is hoping Roller Champions will be their esports swansong, with branding and licensing deals. Esports is a major business in modern game development and this won’t be the first game designed with that in mind.  So does Roller Champions have what it takes to enjoy the kind of longevity of Rocket League? From the looks of things, yes it does.  Rocket League and Esports Esports is […]

Modern Legends – Rocket League

Ah, gaming in 2018. Untold thousands of games competing for your finite attention in any way they possibly can. Whether it be through the latest in cutting-edge graphics, systems design, or taunting you by flaunting their uber-new server architecture, devs will try just about anything to get you to purchase their title. But, every now and again, buried somewhere deep among the endless slew of near releases, is a wholesome, unassuming gem of a game that remains steadfast in its ability to produce endless hours of enjoyment for its players: Rocket League. With a premise as simply as: rocket cars […]

At Gamers’ Beck and Call: What Do Developers Owe The Gaming Community?

Unprecedented communication between gaming community and developers has created a consumer base that expects recognition. Yet this is not a model that applies to other industries. What makes gamers different? The loot crate debate that is currently gripping the gaming industry is showing no signs of abating. The most-downvoted Reddit comment of all-time – from DICE studios, in an attempt to justify their pay-to-win model for Star Wars: Battlefront II – has produced a flurry of immediate consequences. Battlefront II has yet to reintroduce item crates, and Belgium is currently reviewing the micro-transaction system out of fear that it resembles gambling. […]