The Elder Scrolls Online Finally Achieves Its Potential

It may have been a rocky road, but we can say with confidence that The Elder Scrolls Online is finally the best way to explore the lands, cultures, and peoples of Tamriel. Now, five years after its initial launch ESO has finally come into its own with a level of quality that rivals even most Bethesda games. And by that, we mean that it’s virtually bug-free. It seems like a strange boon to lead with, but it’s true. Although there is much, much more to the game than just the technical nitty-gritty, it’s with a sigh of deep appreciation that […]

Has Scalebound Been Given a Second Chance on Nintendo Switch?

PlatinumGames hotly-anticipated dragon themed RPG Scalebound could be getting a revival from Nintendo. The former Xbox One exclusive was cancelled to the ire of fans, but the game could be getting a second chance. Nintendo is well and truly back on course with the Nintendo Switch. The addition of portability, coupled with some excellent first-party titles has seen the console excel. Sales figures are set to surpass the Xbox One in the next six months despite being released four years later.   If the Switch maintained it’s current rate of sales over the same time period it would even outsell […]

What Can We Expect From Game Freak’s New Mystery Project – Town?

Game Freak has been a huge name in the RPG genre for decades thanks to their flagship Pokemon series. The studio hasn’t had much experience outside of the Pokemon brand though, other than a few small releases. You’d have to go all the way back to 1991’s Yoshi, for the last significant release to come out of Game Freak. The tile matching game was a big hit for the Gameboy but that pre-dates Pokemon Red and Blue. Pokemon is a cultural phenomenon of its own so it understandably consumes a lot of the studios time. Game Freak are expected to […]

What Anthem Is – What Anthem Isn’t

After much hype and many millions of dollars in marketing, BioWare’s Anthem is here. Well, sort of. It’s technically “been” here for every Origin Access subscriber, but the day-one patch finally makes it feel playable. For those of you that may have been watching from the sidelines, Anthem has made somewhat of a mixed first impression across players thus far. As fate would have it, the undoubtedly beautiful looter-shooter has some issues that need working out under its shiny and slick exterior. And it is slick. There’s no shortage of places that you can look to see a painstaking amount […]

Everything You Need to Know About Joker’s Super Smash Bros Debut

Nintendo wasted no time adding continued hype to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by revealing Joker as the first DLC fighter on launch day. Series creator Masahiro Sakurai had already confirmed five DLC packages but the first announcement comes sooner than expected. Joker, the protagonist of the Persona 5 series, will be the first new character to join Smash. Piranha Plant isn’t expected to join the roster until early February. So it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Joker anytime soon but he will be join the cast alongside a new Persona 5 stage. For those unfamiliar, we’ve taken the liberty of dissecting […]

Diablo – Out On a Limb and a Lifeline

Hack, slash, slaughter, survive – oh, and don’t forget loot. What would Diablo be if not for the loot? Diablo has held a special place in the hearts of gamers for generations. With quick, responsive, and intuitive combat married to the infinite progression of seeking the next best piece of gear or higher tier of demon to slay, it’s no wonder that fans from all over the globe have been flocking to Blizzard to stock up on a plethora of potions and town portal scrolls. Why, then, does Blizzard seem so deaf to the wants of the community? By now, […]

Meandering Around Middle-Earth

What does it take to keep an MMO alive? Constant updates? A captivating world? Perhaps all the above and then some. The Lord of the Rings is arguably one of the most popular and fleshed out worlds to ever grace the printing press, screen, and virtual gaming realms in near-unison. For us, however, our focus will rest solely upon the virtual pursuits of the franchise, and how successful it has been. Although there have been many entries in the franchise, The Lord of the Rings Online is undoubtedly the most prominent and successful – and while the fanbase has fluctuated […]

A Whole New Monster World to Hunt

The warmth of the sun on your skin, the scent of fresh blossoms on the breeze drifting into your nostrils, and in the distance, the beautiful sight of a three-ton monster charging to gore you as you enter its territory. Such is the life of a Monster Hunter. With the launch of Monster Hunter World, Capcom has finally thrown its niche franchise into the mainstream – and what a launch it’s been. Adopting a graphics engine that finally brings the cast of monsters to life in a way that the mobile variants never could, Monster Hunter: World is a grand […]

The Timeless Charm Of Isometric Games

In many ways the isometric viewpoint was a historical necessity — and yet today we remain enthralled by the style. The perspective boomed in the ’90s when proper 3D was expensive, limited, or just technically difficult to do. These obstacles meant isometric projection became a neat and efficient way of creating intricate video game worlds. So are isometric games made today simply relics feeding off our nostalgia, or is there something to this unique viewpoint? Isometric is the general term used to refer to a particular way objects are represented when drawn. Rather than drawing environments from a purely top-down […]