A Lesson in Persistence From Deathgarden: Bloodharvest

Persistence pays off. If there’s any phrase we can use to describe Behavior Interactive’s reboot of the already-in-early-access Deathgarden, it’s that. What floundered on release as yet another asymmetrical multiplayer excursion has been reborn as a game that has some serious competitive potential. The premise, at first glance, is very similar to Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight – a group of players competes against one. Deathgarden opts for one additional slot in the group of players, pushing it to 5 v 1 over Dead by Daylight’s 4 v 1. While the change might not seem that drastic on paper, in […]

Why Left 4 Dead Will Never Die

It’s hard to believe that the original Left 4 Dead was released back in 2008. Even though it spawned a sequel that came out shortly after the original, the Left 4 Dead franchise has always felt less like a series and more like a refinement of the original project that was set into motion. After all, the entirety of Left 4 Dead is included in Left 4 Dead 2. It’s astounding just how good the game has held up. Sure, you can download higher res texture packs and mod the hell out of the game, but the core gameplay is […]

The Guilty Pleasures of Earth Defense Force

“To defend our Mother Earth from any alien attack!” Hallowed words such as these can only be found in one game on our beloved sphere: Earth Defense Force. To say that Earth Defense Force has earned itself a cult status would be a gross disservice to the fans who’ve elected to keep it in the forefront of their hearts and minds even as more polished and put-together games storm the shelves quarter after quarter. The premise, for those of you that have yet to be grace by the sheer divinity held be EDF yet, is that GIANT INSECTS have invaded […]

The New Division 2 Raid – And Other Problems

Everyone listen up! The Division 2 has a raid coming! At least that’s what Ubisoft tells us. There’s no reason we shouldn’t listen to them, right? Look, folks, we’re about to get real with you. We like The Division 2. We really, really do. But we’ve been burned so bad before with Ubisoft’s mismanaging of its predecessor that we can’t help but feel nervous at the slightest indication that something might be going awry. Thus far, The Division 2 has offered us more compelling combat, better loot progression, and an even more detailed world than the first foray into this […]

The Division 2 – What a Sequel Should Be

Ever since Ubisoft announced The Division 2, we were highly skeptical. When the first of the franchise was released, initial impressions were over the moon. Then, came the endgame. Or rather, the complete and utter lack of it. Although the Division series bears some of the hallmarks of the traditional Ubisoft gamut, they deviate far from the rest of their titles in that they’re the closest that the international publisher has to an MMO. As such, the initial “campaign” through the 30-or-so levels serves just as levelling in any other MMO does: as a primer for the endgame. The endgame is […]

Microsoft is Bringing Halo to PC – And It’s About Time

At this point, this isn’t news anymore – but by God are we still reeling from the announcement that Microsoft is finally bringing Halo to PC. While this is certainly not the first time that a Halo game has found its way onto the PC platform, it does mark the first time in the history of the company that they’ve elected to bring the entirety of the franchise to PC Gaming Master Race. Initially released in 2014 solely for Microsoft’s Xbox console family, the Master Chief Collection on PC will feature every game in the franchise up to Halo 4 […]

What Anthem Is – What Anthem Isn’t

After much hype and many millions of dollars in marketing, BioWare’s Anthem is here. Well, sort of. It’s technically “been” here for every Origin Access subscriber, but the day-one patch finally makes it feel playable. For those of you that may have been watching from the sidelines, Anthem has made somewhat of a mixed first impression across players thus far. As fate would have it, the undoubtedly beautiful looter-shooter has some issues that need working out under its shiny and slick exterior. And it is slick. There’s no shortage of places that you can look to see a painstaking amount […]

Will the Division 2 Get it Right?

As the launch of Ubisoft’s Division 2 rears its head around the corner, we can’t help but look back at the game’s titular predecessor and reflect on where the franchise has gone, and where it might be going. Released in March of 2016, The Division nears the three-year mark just before its successor is released – but how has the game fared in those three years? Despite our best intentions, the answer to that is a bit more complicated to unearth than we previously thought. You see, The Division is not objectively a bad game. In fact, it should be […]

Is Anthem Going to Fall Flat?

BioWare’s influence in the realm of gaming cannot be understated. Responsible for some of the biggest titles in the history of modern video games coupled with an unprecedented penchant for crafting elaborate narrative arcs, BioWare has long held a special place in many a gamer’s heart. So, what happened with Anthem? It’s no secret that over the last decade, BioWare status as a shining beacon of creativity has dimmed. The studio has found itself navigating rough waters following the massive success of their Mass Effect franchise and has garnered a bit of a hit-and-miss record with installments such as Dragon […]

Counter Strike Global Offensive: The Comeback

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive went free-to-play and had an official Battle Royale mode added to the game last month. Long-time fans of the franchise were initially both confused and highly sceptical, but new numbers show that the game was played by over 20 million people in December alone, which is the all-time record. What does this new direction mean for the classic shooter? What is the thought process behind it from Valve’s side? Danger Zone There is no shortage of Battle Royale games. As we head into 2019, the genre is still as hot as ever, but few expected Counter-Strike to […]