Everything You Need to Know About the PlayStation 5

The internet is once again awash with rumours about the impending release of the PlayStation 5. There have been whispers PlayStation intended to steal a march on the competition in the impending console generation. A majority of fans considered the PS4 Pro to be a lacklustre mid-tier upgrade. Especially in comparison to the far superior Xbox One X. This led to rumours that Sony was holding off on a lot of bells and whistles as they were close to launching the PS5. Sony will also, interestingly, be absent from this year’s E3 for the first time in the exhibition’s history. […]

DOA: Days Gone Is Way Too Late to the Zombie Survival Party

It’s been a strange 2019 for PlayStation following up on a landmark 2018 where they blew the competition away. Two of last years most highly acclaimed games God Of War and Spider-Man were both PS4 exclusives. On top of that, console sales for the PS4 sit a good 20m+ higher than the current gen Xbox and Nintendo sales combined. Albeit the Switch is much earlier into it’s life-cycle than the PS4, there’s no denying PlayStation are ahead of the game. The console wars were seemingly prepped for Sony to stick a fork in, but then it’s all gone a little […]

Are Marvel Finally Planning To Launch Their Gaming Universe?

Marvel has become a juggernaut of pop culture in the last decade with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. The comic giant may be about to expand their reach further into the medium of gaming. A lot of stigma has hung over superhero games in the past as a much-maligned subgenre of gaming. Releases like Iron Man and Superman 64 were plagued by complicated physics challenges that ruined gameplay. The latter is often listed as one of the worst games of all time.   But Insomniac produced the critically-acclaimed Spider-Man as a PS4 exclusive last year. The game was a big commercial […]