Illfonic are Back With Another Asymetric 80s’ Icon

Illfonic has set their sights on another 80’s icon with the recent announcement of Predator: Hunting Grounds. The studio achieved cult success when they co-developed Friday the 13th back in 2017. Confirmed details are limited but the Predator looks as though he’ll be having the same asymmetric treatment as Jason. Pitting a group of elite soldiers against the elusive alien in a PvP mode.  If the project gets the same level of care as Friday the 13th there are plenty of reasons to be excited. But the news is worth taking with a pinch of salt. Safe to say, the […]

Crowdfunding – Is it Good for the Future of Gaming?

Crowdfunding has become a key source of revenue for the entertainment and entrepreneurial industries. Developers pitch their game to the entire internet, rather than a few suits in a meeting room. Anyone interested can contribute anything from £1 to thousands, often with access to the game upon release, and other perks. Crowdfunding perks can range from a simple thank you note all the way up to several thousand pound experiences. It’s a great way for indie developers to get their games on the market and is the source of many success stories to date. Critically acclaimed games such as Hollow Knight prove […]

A Welcome to Our Procedural Generation: The Future of Gaming

Procedural generation is becoming an increasingly popular tool in open world and sandbox games. Ambitious games such as Star Citizen and We Happy Few, intend to make use of the emerging trend in game design. With the success of the system in Ark: Survival Evolved it could become a major part of the future of game design. So what is procedural generation? Where did it come from? And will it be beneficial for the future of gaming? What is it? You’ve probably already encountered procedural generation, even though you may not know it. Put simply, it’s when game developers use […]