What Anthem Is – What Anthem Isn’t

After much hype and many millions of dollars in marketing, BioWare’s Anthem is here. Well, sort of. It’s technically “been” here for every Origin Access subscriber, but the day-one patch finally makes it feel playable. For those of you that may have been watching from the sidelines, Anthem has made somewhat of a mixed first impression across players thus far. As fate would have it, the undoubtedly beautiful looter-shooter has some issues that need working out under its shiny and slick exterior. And it is slick. There’s no shortage of places that you can look to see a painstaking amount […]

Are Gamers Happy with the Number of Female Characters?

The underrepresentation of women as characters is perhaps more pronounced in video games than in any other entertainment medium. How do gamers feel about the issue? We went to find out. Sony is starting to do better with its AAA titles, featuring women in the leading role of 2017’s game of the year, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and in upcoming The Last of Us 2. Still, progress across the board is slow, and we’re far off equality of gender representation. RPGs have often gotten around the issue by having the player select the gender of their character. Still, when a character […]